Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tonsillitis: go away!

Thank you Dreaming of a Perfect Me, brixy, and molly-saurus-rex for joining my blog. =)

So...the past few days have been kind of sucky. First of all I have a mild case of tonsillitis. My voice is gone and it's painful to swallow, therefore very painful to eat. Yesterday I saw 121 on the scale, but it was back up to 122 today. I have been eating less overall so maybe I'll loose a few lbs from this? It still sucks BALLS though. It's like the inside of my throat is sandpaper...on fire.

HP news: like I've said in past posts I had to work the HP midnight premiere so I couldn't go, but there was supposed to be a sneak for employees Wednesday night. A mass text from my boss was sent out at 10 pm (when we got the physical prints in) for a sneak at midnight. To bad I DIDN'T get the text, along with a few other people. Yup, I missed HP. And I didn't find out until I had to work the premiere, so I was surrounded by hundreds of people pumped up to see a movie I missed out on. And because business is expected to do so well, employees aren't allowed to see the movie for free until July 25th. But all is well, because I sent a text to my boss telling him how important the movie is to me and how I never got word of the sneak, so he gave me two re-ad tickets (usually given as refunds for movies that break down) so I'm taking my best friend tomorrow so we can cry for 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Oh so guess who doesn't have to drive their boyfriend around everywhere because he finally got a car? Yeah, me! For virtually our entire relationship I've had to drive Aaron because he either hadn't had his license yet or didn't have a car to drive. Not anymore! It's nice to have a boyfriend who can drive me places for once (although I'm still a little scared of his driving). It's a nice change of pace.

Sorry to have another non-food dominated post. If I'm fortunate to still have you all with me by the time I go back to school, expect my posts to go back to normal. At least then I'll have my gym back and can more easily drop weight.

Ok, time for bed. Hope your summers are going well.
♥ Toni

P.S.-Finally learned how to hem my jeans with the original hem! Yay for pants that are the right length!!!

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