Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Long-ish post. Please bear with me.

77 followers. I don't feel like I deserve 77 followers seeing as
1) I only post 1-3 times a week now and
2) I have lost zero weight in what? a month? more than a month?

Yes I'm still at 122, but I deserve it. I've been doing a limited amount of exercise and have been eating whatever I want (although never enough to make me feel painfully full or anything like that). Dance classes started on Saturday. I'm still trying to figure out what classes are right for me but I'm for sure taking a leaps/turns technique class and some sort of ballet class.

K- First off your English is fine! Better than some people on the internet who grew up with it as their first language. I was on my dance team in high school and we did some jazz but mostly drill team/military style dancing. Since I've been in college I've focused on jazz and I'm really looking to improve my turns and jumps technically as I'm trying to make my university's dance team. And gymnastics? I just could not ever imagine doing all those flips and stuff, I'd be way too afraid of getting hurt! But I respect anyone who has the discipline to stick with it into adulthood.

Olivia- I knooooooooooooooow. I swore I would text you if I ever ended up doing a market but I've been scheduled to work at the theater every. single. Saturday. And now on top of it I have dance class on Saturday too, so basically I probably won't be doing a Saturday market all summer. And if I do Wednesday classes I won't be able to do those markets either! I'm bummed because I really wanted to introduce you to my parents, and meeting Boy would have been so nice! Damn, I guess we'll just have to wait until September. I'm sorry, I really was hoping to see you there this summer. =(

Well, other than bad food news I got to spend some quality time with Aaron Sunday night when I slept over at his dad's house. Basically when he lives with his dad he's in this huge city with tons to do and we just sat around watching Harry Potter and, as he likes to call it, having a little "slap and tickle" (sorry if that was tmi). ^_~
But we did go see Horrible Bosses, which was pretty much as funny as I thought it would be. It was $7.75 well spent I guess.

Oh and speaking of money I've been stressing out about paying for next year's tuition and housing and all that stuff because I'm getting $5000 less than I did last year. Good news though because my housing and meal plan will cost less (apartment=less dining hall food) and hopefully I'll be able to get an on campus job in a mail room or at the gym or something. But anyway turns out I only have to pay $250 more a quarter than my financial aid will cover which is good! I thought it would be a lot more. So now I just have to worry about buying groceries and books.

So now I'm watching both Kill Bill volumes and I've already caught up on everyone's blogs. Is it just me or does it seem like everyone's posting a bit less? I know personally I just haven't had much time and I'm not exactly living up to what this blog is supposed to be about at the moment, but it just seems like summer is a bad time for blogging. Funny, you'd think there would be an influx of activity. Maybe we're all getting busy. I can relate.

Well, off to bed I suppose. Again I apologize for my lack of posting and my inability to lose any weight. I swear if I just wasn't working so much I'd be at least a few lbs thinner. But I'll take a maintain and earning money over a loss and earning no money any day. I always have the school year to lose that last 10, right?

♥ Toni

P.S.- Anyone watching this season's Big Brother? I just got into it after reading an article about the show and all I have to say is: what the fuck is up with Rachel and her annoying laugh? I really hope she doesn't stay in the house too much longer. Blegh.


  1. Ohh, don't worry about not losing, better than gaining right?(:
    Good luck with the exercise as well!

  2. ^^^ So true!

    And I know I've fallen off the posting wagon a bit, so don't worry :)

  3. you're just at a plateau. We've all been there. You need to do something jumpstart the weight loss again - and I think your dance class will be perfect for that!

    Horrible Bosses was good? I have heard nothing but good reviews, so I'm excited to see it!

  4. don't worry, at least you're not putting on weight. That's what I tell myself everytime the numbers don't move.

  5. dont worry hun im the same ive been at this stagnant weight for months now. but we can do this just refocus. and being broke can be the best diet sometimes and people dont ask questions when you say youre too broke to eat haha

  6. I also feel like everyone on blogger has kind of disappeared. I wonder why people are not updating as much.
    It's winter here in South Africa but I guess when it's summer and holidays everyone is off on holiday or actually living a life as oppose to procrastinating on blogger. Damn them right ;)

    haha anyways i'm keen to see horrible bosses, glad you said it was funny. I haven't watched it but i think i'll enjoy it more cause fo the boys in the movie than jennifer aniston.