Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saw nothing but good things today.

So this morning I saw 120.5 on the scale. YES! And I didn't eat too much today so hopefully it'll stay that way.

And I saw Deathly Hallows Part 2 today finally. With something like this waiting 3 days to see it feels like an eternity. I cried like a baby. A least during the epilogue. It's all over for me, and now I feel obligated to read all 7 books again, read some super good fanon, watch the movies, and join Pottermore when that gets started up. Oh and visit the theme park. I can't believe that was it. J.K. Rowling, you better write seven more books about Harry's kids. And now that no one's trying to maliciously kill anyone else, this time around you can focus solely on social drama. Yay!

Super short post today. I have to go to bed because I have work in the morning. I hope I have some good news for you all tomorrow!

♥ Toni


  1. Congratulations on the weight-loss!

    Awww, I can't wait to see Harry Potter! I never cry during movies, but this better make me cry like a baby too! I wish she'd write more books... But then again... Maybe it's best to stop before it, like, loses its meaning?

    Sorry for my poor English.


  2. CONGRATS!!!

    And the epilogue killed me! I don't cry during movies, but I was SHAKING by the time the credits rolled lol.

  3. reading the books over again too, woot! Congratulations on the weight! I am sending you many good vibes to make you in the teens tomorrow. I just want to remind you that you were 138 mid-December, you fabulous girl you.

    Also, that breakfast sandwich I mentioned is at the farmers market! check it out, by the tamales!

  4. Wasn't DH pt 2 so FREAKING AMAZING!!!! :D People all ove rthe internet are all upset and crying because it's "the end" and I want to shake them and be like, "No! It isn't the end! Magic never ends!" We all have Pottermore to look forward to towards the ends of the year! I want to go to disney words JUST for the Harry Potter theme park. I'm a HP newbie but when I fall in love with something, I fall hard. :) Great job on reaching 120 by the way! ♥