Thursday, July 7, 2011

Still Struggling

I haven't posted in a week? Over a week? Oh who cares, it's been too long. I'm hovering around the same weight as I was a week ago: 122. Oh and if anyone didn't notice or got confused I changed my display name to my actual name, Toni. I've also caught up on all of your posts and even followed a new follower, Yasmin. She just started her blog Beautiful Waif, so if you like following blogs from the very beginning go check her out. =)

So in the week I was gone I've pretty much done away with most of the habits I developed while I was in college. Is it healthier? Yes. Do I like it? Sort of. Would I trade this for what I was doing before? Totally. The only reason I'm eating more is because the food is just here. I know some girls can restrain themselves but I struggle a lot. Plus I haven't been to an actual gym in almost a month. And it's too damn hot (think high 90's low 100's) to go jogging at any reasonable time, so for the past few days I've been sticking to 40 minutes of the Barre program on my OnDemand exercise listings. It's pretty much a muscle toning exercise for dancers but boy does it make me sweat. I'm trying to get into some kind of shape for dance classes which start in no less than two days! I'll be trying out a leaps and turns technique class taught by my former dance team assistant coach on Saturday. Then on Monday I'll be trying out an intermediate jazz class taught by the same person and on Tuesday (hopefully my leotard will have arrived by then) I'll be attending an intermediate/advanced ballet class. That one's taught by a dude. Am I nervous to be taking an advanced level ballet class when I've ever only taken jazz? Hell yes. But who knows? Maybe I'll be ok at it. And I don't even know if I can afford to take all three, but we'll see. I'm very excited!

Aaron and I have been good. He's living with his mom in our home town for an unspecified period of time which means we've been together more than when he lived with his dad 40 minutes away. But I'm sure he'll be going back soon, and then we can go to the state fair! I've never gone and I want to see what all the hooplah is about.

Oh ok so just yesterday I found out something very surprising that also made me a little sad. Did you know that Kelly Osborne is now 122 lbs?!?! What? She's seriously 10 lbs lighter than me? I was just floored. I mean good for her, she look's fantastic but man, that really makes me want to get down to my UGW of 112 now. Who knew KO weighed that little?

Alright it's 3am and I'm probably going to have to wake up around 9 so good night. I promise I'll start posting more consistently. Part of it is me being ashamed of getting off track and the other is just not having enough time. Summer is supposed to be relaxing! Not busy!

♥ Toni

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  1. I saw Beautiful Waif, I love the blog layout! Yay for new lovelies!

    Um, also we should go rollerblading I'm just saying. It's so fun. Or biking or whatever. :D I'm glad you feel like your being healthier doll, and you haven't gained any weight from it! Trust the girl who gained 10lbs when she got healthy, not gaining is a blessing! Much love to you darling