Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Forgive me for stating my opinion.

I will never understand casual hookups. From what I've seen you get absolutely nothing out of fucking some random person who you met one night and will never see again, or even someone you just casually see on the side. To me, sex is something that's meant to be had with emotion, in addition to romance. What would I get out of a one night stand or a fuck buddy? Momentary pleasure. That's it. Nothing else. And because of this, because of my opinions on sex, a lot of people look at me funny and think I'm against the sexually liberated women or people's sexual rights. Wrong. I love sex just as much as the next person. I just happen to have slightly old fashioned standards. Is that what we've come to as a society? That the idea of only having sex in a monogamous relationship is no longer the norm? That fucking whoever you so happen to think is hot with no concern for the consequences is now what the majority of people think is acceptable? I mean sure, I'm not going to impose on your right to have sex, but don't complain to me when something goes wrong. Don't try to tell me why you can't find a boyfriend or girlfriend, because you're stooping to everyone's level. Don't ask me why love is hard to come by, when you can plainly see why every single day. The youth of today is so focused on instant gratification. They don't want to work for anything, including love. It's disgusting.

I found out Aaron had a few hookups after we broke up. I was surprised. He knows how I feel about the matter. I asked him why he did it. He said he thought it would hell him. I asked him if it did and he said no. I asked him if he regretted it and he said yes. I said I had no sympathy, and you can see why as stated above.

In other news, I go back to school in three days. I'm very happy about this. I get to see Oliver and get to go back to the gym. I'm going to start counting my calories and lose that last 10 lbs that I put on hold for the past six months. I'm going to do it.

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  1. Sometimes a hookup isn't to have instant gratification at all, it's a way to subconsciously try to connect with another person because you haven't felt a connection in so long. Don't get me wrong I'm disgusted by hookups, and I can't stand the nasty dirty feeling afterwards. I recently stopped ddoing that and opted to focus on myself and figure out why I felt the need to hookup with a guy that I felt the slightest interest for, and I feel SO much better about myself. Some people just need a break from loneliness a quick fix, when really it turns out to make you feel even more alone. EVENTUALLY every one realizes that at some point and this is what leads to a nice long term relationship. When two individuals sick of the game and sick of being lonely realize they need eachother. Or so I would imagine.. I have never been in love so I wouldn't know what happens beyond a three month relationship. Hope I worded that right.