Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Almost the New Year

Ok so the holidays weren't the best time for my diet, although I did get some presents I really needed/wanted like rain boots, Inception, a printer, a new umbrella, nice slippers, some cute clothes from Aaron, etc. I did eat more than I wanted, mostly so the family wouldn't suspect anything, but I did eat a lot less than years past. Usually I'd feel like I'm about to burst, but this year it was only a slightly uncomfortable full feeling (since now I've gotten so used to eating so little a dinner roll will probably make me feel full), but since then I've eaten at least less than 700 calories each day. On Sunday the only two things I had to eat were a small side salad with a half packet of ranch from McDonald's on my lunch break and a soft pretzel with cheese from work. I just couldn't resist. Our pretzels used to taste like cardboard but we got new ones and they taste like heaven. On tuesday all I had was a slice and a half of cheese pizza, an 8oz. glass of rootbeer, and half a slice of ice cream cake. Not the healthiest choices but I went almost a good 24 hours before my meals. So tonight I'm heading off to bed a little earlier. I have yet another day of work and after I get off I'm taking my sister to see Burlesque. =)


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