Sunday, December 19, 2010


Didn't have a very good day today. Work was kind of terrible. I fell down twice and it was unnaturally busy. For some reason everyone in town wanted to see a movie today. Sigh...
Well at least the boyfriend came home today. We have plans to see Tron soon in IMAX which should be fun. I just wish him and my dad got along better, or you know, got along at all. I wasn't even very restrictive with my meals today. My heartburn is starting to act up and I know it's because of what I ate.

1 orange
a small handfull of almonds
1 homemade doughnut (unglazed)

1 homemade doughnut (unglazed)
6 thin snack pretzels

1/2 quesadilla with chicken, beans, sour cream and quacamole
10 chips with quacamole

I'm going to try to do a lot better tomorrow because I'm almost at my first goal weight. The line on the scale was just a hair below 140 and I'm really trying to get to 138. Well I'm super tired, so good night.

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