Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good day =)

Ok so despite pigging out a little, I think today went extremely well. I finally got down to my first goal weight, 138! So I guess as kind of a little pick me up I went out for a little post-Christmas shopping. First was Forever21, and I got this cute teal skirt, black t-shirt, and a creme/red striped shirt. I also got a really cute cardigan for Aaron. It's something like cobalt blue with a hood. Then I got some cute new bras at Leggs/Hanes/Bali/Playtex and some paper for my new printer at Staples. I think I strayed a little on my calorie consumption, but I don't think it was too much...

side salad with 1/3 packet of ranch dressing at Chik-fil-a (no croutons or cheese)
1 packet of Kikoman Miso soup with added dried seaweed
1 can of Mountain Dew Voltage soda
Ritz crackers with cheddar cheese and pepperoni
Sunnyside eggnog ice cream

I'm pretty sure all of this was under 800 calories, but the scale will definitely tell me tomorrow morning. Jenna and I are planning on getting one to put in the dorm bathroom when we get back. That's the problem with college - the freshman 15 creeps up on you because there aren't any scales to keep you in check. Well, here's to a better day.


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