Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday

Ugh, I don't really want to go into what's gone on the past two days. Three movie outings and a Chinese buffet...I can't even estimate the amount of calories I've eaten, but I'm back on track now. So far today I've had a thin slice of lemon poppyseed bread and a snack of crackers and cheese. I think that'll be it for now until dinner.

So Christmas is coming up soon! Two days and it's here. I really feel like it's still weeks away, but I just did the last of my Christmas shopping and all the presents are under the tree. I've been having a pretty good time being at home on break. I went out to see Tangled, The Fighter, and Black Swan, all great movies in their own respect. Speaking of movies, I'm set to work 5 days this upcoming week, including 10-6 on Christmas. I'm a little disappointed I'll be serving popcorn to hundreds of people for 8 hours, but I'll still be able to open presents in the morning and eat dinner with my family at night, plus I'll get 8 hours of pay and a half.

Anyway I've got to get started on the presents for everyone in my dorm. And since I won't have many free days next week I should start right now. I'll probably post later tonight, so I'll be back. =)


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