Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today actually started out really bad. I don't know why but I was just in a very bad mood. I went out with my mom to shop for my sister's Christmas present, which made my day a little bit better, but what really turned it around was finally getting to see Aaron. We just cuddled (plus a little more...) and spent a few hours together before I had to head to work, and even that wasn't terribly bad. I had another 8 hour shift but I was put on concessions, which I like the best. Tomorrow (more like later today) I'm going out with Grace to grab some coffee and see Tangled. It'll be nice to catch up. She can fill me in on everything that's been going on at the high school and Drill Team since I left for college. And then I'm going out with Aaron and his dad, grandma, and cousin Mike to eat dinner. It's a buffet, so I can only try to control my habits. I'll need to find some time to put together Andria and Montserrat's Christmas gifts. I have Jenna's and Taylor's done already.

Fodd-wise I'm not so crazy about. I tried to refrain from eating at work, but the only place to go on my break was the break room where the Christmas party was being held, so here's what I had:

1 tangerine

around 15 tortilla chips and nacho cheese
2 thumbprint cookies

1 small garden salad with ranch dressing, 1 small piece of pepperoni pizza, and 1 breadstick from Round Table
1 peppermint taffy, 1 York peppermint patty, 1 bitesized hershey, and 1 pepermint chocolate

Ugh I fell like I ate something like 1200 calories. I can only hope I'll do better tomorrow, but between going out with Grace and then dinner with Aaron I don't know.

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