Friday, January 21, 2011

It's finally the weekend!

So last night I stayed over at Aaron's dorm and watched the new episode of The Office. Oh how I long for Michael and Holly to be back together again. Oh well...

So we woke up this morning and grabbed some breakfast. I feel terrible about what I ate. I had a banana, 1 piece of hash brown (about the size of a deck of cards), 1/2 of a grapefruit, about two fork fulls of scrambled egg, and a frosted doughnut! That's what I'm most upset about. I'm sure that thing had in itself 200 calories if not more! But after class I headed down to the gym with Liz and burned a good 700 calories on the elliptical plus 60 sit ups with a 5 lb. weight on a workout ball and 20 lower ab workouts. All in all I hope my core is sore tomorrow.

For lunch all I had was a 1/4 plate full of mexican salad. So just carne asada (not that much), rice, beans, cabbage, guac, and sour cream (also not that much). All of this should be under 800 calories, I think. Hopefully I don't get too hungry again and I can just have some salad because I stepped on the scale today and saw that I haven;t lost a single pound. Ugh, this sucks.

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