Friday, January 28, 2011

1000 calories!!!

That's how much I burned at the gym today! I'm so happy, especially compared to what I ate today. For breakfast I had half a pancake with some syrup, a cup of cranberry juice, a small serving of scrambled eggs with some ham, and a small apple nut muffin. That was at 8:30 this morning and at 10 I had 4 tater tots. So between then and dinner I went to the gym and had an amazing workout. It was two hours very well spent, despite the fact that when I weighed myself I found that I had gained a pound. That disappointed me. For dinner though I had some sushi from this really great sushi shop. Not just your run of the mill california rolls, so I'm sure I added some calories, but I did stop myself from buying any snacks when I took a trip with some friends to Target today. Aisles and aisles of valentine's day candy not to mention the regular assortment of snacks, chips, and sweets.

And I have more good news. My friend has gotten a case of the cold and hasn't had the stomach for much food today, but I recommended some chai tea with Equal and a dollop of milk. It's all she's had so far today and I think  got her hooked on the stuff. I feel bad that she's feeling under the weather, but she's also not the most confident about her body and at least the tea will slightly boost her metabolism.

So I'm currently getting ready to go out with Aaron. He's starving and found a coupon for a buy one get one free pizza at this place he really likes, although he assumed I'd be paying half because I'd be eating some. I swear to God he never listens when I tell him I'm on a diet or when I go to the gym. Oh well, I'll just have to keep up my resistance to junk food tonight. Wish me luck!


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