Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So Far Today is Meh

I'm having mixed feelings about the day so far. I got up at 8 am to go to the gym with some friends and worked out from 9-10. It was a pretty good workout too. I did the elliptical, some ab workouts and squats, and then got on a cycle. The problem is I mixed up the times of my classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so instead of getting back on time, taking a shower, and getting to class by 11, I actually missed my 10 am class. Fuck.

But on a good note I did burn at least 350 calories at the gym. For breakfast beforehand I only had two small banana nut muffins because the dining hall saw fit to be out of actual bananas.

Aaaand on another bad note I don't seem to be losing much weight. At all. It's getting really frustrating, especially since I've been eating much less now that I'm back on campus than I was before break. I think it's because I intend to go on different eating regimens, a special event comes up, I screw up by eating too much, then instead of getting back on with the diet I had I just pick another. Blaghhhhh, I need to stop that. I will be going to the gym more often though since me, my friends Jenna and Liz, and my boyfriend Aaron signed up for a fitness program at the university. Pretty much all you do is keep track of the minutes you work out between now and March 20, and if all the team members do more than 1500 minutes you get free t-shirts and get entered into a raffle for some pretty good prizes like workout gear, bookstore gift cards, stuff like that. I'm pumped to see how many hours I can log.

But enough ranting, it's thinspo time. Lord knows I need it...

Until next time,

Edit: I almost forgot! I have two new followers. Thanks guys, that actually made my day a little brighter. =)

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