Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello, I'm Toni and this is me.

Ok I'm ready...I think. I'm putting up pictures of myself. Not just my thighs, but my face, and my boyfriend's face, and my friends' faces. Promise you won't go find them and brutally stab them in their sleep. Pretty please?

Well, to start it off here's a picture of me in high school, in between the ED/NOS phases I had when I was 14 and now:
 I really don't know how much I weighed here. It's around Christmas of 2008, which was my junior year in high school. I'm 16. I remember my face looking less oval than this...
And I have no idea why I'm wearing no make-up and my eyebrows are so unruly. Probably because Christmas morning is always so hectic that I had no time.

This is a picture taken this summer when me, my friends, and Aaron (that's him!) went to Six Flags after graduation. I'd say I'm in the mid to upper 130s in this picture. The thing that strikes me about this picture is how much older Aaron looks than me, and he's 5 months younger. It's the height and facial hair.

 This was taken in early November of last year, right before I hit my heaviest at 148. I was 145ish here. My face was so fat! I look at this picture and all I can see is a little kid, and this was less than a year ago. I don't see an 18-year-old college adult in this photo, I see a girl. The other two girls here are my hall mates Liz and Priscilla.

 I can't quite remember if this was taken in October or November, but I know I saw this photo and thought that my legs looked like sausages. I hate this photo.

 This was in early December, right before Christmas break. The hall had a giant Secret Santa gift exchange and I was the the organizer of it. I had already hit my highest weight and was starting to taper off the calories in my diet, but here I'm still in the mid 140s. That and horizontal stripes? Not a great combo on a lil chubby girl. The blonde to the left is my best friend Jenna. ^_^

Also in the same time period as the last photo. I made that dress out of magazine but found that I was too big to fit into it, so I asked my friend Lena to model it for me. Now there's a comparison if I ever need one: short fat brunette next to a tall(er) thin blonde. Notice how my left thumb just digs into the fat of my waist. Ew.

This is on a bench in San Francisco in mid-January. A bunch of us went out the first weekend back in college before the actual work started up again. I had started this blog but hadn't started keeping track of my weight yet. If I had to guess I'd say I'm around 137 in this picture.

Why yes, that is me with a whole quart of Neapolitan ice cream looking like a crazed, bug-eyed loony. This is early March and I'm about 133 in this photo. I have lost 15 lbs since my highest weight, and my face is still chubby.

^^^line separating the phase I felt horrible about my body and now

Sorry I have no April pictures. None of them seemed adequate. I guess that's when I really saw my body transform. This is May 4th, about a month ago. Between the last photo and this one two months passed, I lost 10 more lbs, started growing my bangs, started tanning, and started my dance classes. excuse the red eye. My eyes get like that. I feel a lot better about this picture than all the previous ones. The girl next to me is my really good friend Briana.

 This is less than 3 weeks ago, May 20th, the day we all went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean film. These are the most recent photos of me. I'm dressed as a pirate and weigh about the same as the last picture: 122 lbs.
(Side note: I am breaking my leggings-as-pants rule but Briana said it was ok since I was in costume).

Aaron used to be unable to pick me up. Now he can give me a piggy back ride. ^_^

 I don't think my face looks chubby anymore. =)

 Me and Jenna (and her cherry-red hair).

My profile picture. I love Effy (Kaya). So am I anything like you thought I'd look like?

I actually don't know if I'll put these up on my Progress page. There's a lot of pictures in this post and I don't want to clog it up. Maybe I'll just put up a before/after comparison. I have the before picture (It's from January) but haven't taken an after one. What do you guys think?

Alright, I'll update my food intake and such later. I just wanted to get this out of the way first.

♥ Toni


  1. Your absolutely gorgeous congratulations on the Weight loss!!

  2. You are a braver woman than I lol. I'm so happy for you that you've made such an incredible transformation.

  3. you're beautiful! I never do know what to expect, but you're lovely. I know there are a lot of Cassie lovers around here, but Effy is my secret fav too.

  4. Great job on the weight loss! You're so talented to make that dress! Hopefully you'll be able to wear it one day!

  5. Amazing! And you have the most stunning blue eyes!

  6. Seriously hun, you are lovely. Freaking beautiful eyes, and your face looks so different! Yeah, my face didn't thin out until about 20-30lbs in either. You are amazing. much love doll, and happy belated b-day you fabtabulous girl!

  7. you are so adorable, and i love kaya too! good luck and good job! <3 stay lovely.

  8. You're so beautiful hun! You're rockin' that brunette hair =). I can definitely see a huge difference in your face- it looks much thinner as your pictures progressed. Even though you may not see a lot of progress, other folks definitely can! Keep up the great work- you're definitely going to get to your goal soon!

  9. You look sooo great - congratulations! You have a really cute face too <3

  10. I had a very strange deja vu experience looking at this post. I felt certain I had seen it before, and that I had deja vu then too. Very strange.

    But anyway, you look lovely!

  11. I agree. You're really, really pretty!!! I wish I had your smile.

    And I LOVE Skins! Effy and Cassie are great thinspo!