Saturday, June 18, 2011

INCEPTION!!! (and thinspo)

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You're in a place of no judgement. =)

I'm currently watching Inception on HBO. It's my favorite movie and I'm very disappointed that HBO is playing it in fullscreen. If any of you are movie screen ratio savvy then you know that movie theater screen are very rectangular, and 75 mm film is formatted to make the picture look very wide, so that landscapes look humungous. TV screen are more square, so when movies air on television, they either air in widescreen (hence the thick black lines on the top and bottom of your tv screen) or in full screen, which means the edges of the film are cut off to make the picture small enough. It's just not the same. =/
But anyway I love Inception and Christopher Nolan and the score by Hans Zimmer and the story and the acting and the 4 Oscars the film won and everything about it! He was possessed with some radical notions...

I started work again today back at the movie theater. They put me on reg (concessions). It was an 8 hour day but I was glad to be back, and 3 of my co-workers commented on my weight loss! So anyway I had no time to eat and didn't eat much when I got back home. I only had a cup of coffee in the morning (10 cal), and when I got home I had an oatmeal raisin cookie (170 cal), a few bites of bread (75 cal), 1/4 of an apple danish (80 cal), and a home made soft taco (255 cal) for a total of 590 calories, which is 60 calories under my limit for the SGD!


I finally stayed under my calories limits. Holy crap does it feel good, and today I weighed 122.25 to boot, .75 lbs under yesterday. I think I'm getting on the right track.

Ok and I actually took the after pics for the Pictures Page so check it out if you want.

Alright not much else to say for today. Got some thinspo though. :D

Night lovelies.
♥ Toni

P.S. Now I'm watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This day is just getting better.


  1. I just had a Christopher Nolan marathon with some friends tonight :) LOVE him!

  2. I'm also a HUGE Christopher Nolan fan. I'm a HUGE Leonardo DiCaprio fan. I'm a HUGE Joseph Gordon Levitt fan. XD. Ahahaha. OMG! WILLY WONKA! JOHNNY DEPP!
    <3 I just love actors!
    Oh yummy! The thinspo is lovely.
    CONGRATS! :D :D :D You totally deserve it!

  3. Yes, you're on the right track! Good job!
    OMG! Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! I love it! Strange enough, this is the only movie that doesn't make me want to eat something while watching it >▽<

  4. Unfortunately I haven't seen Inception but I heard it's really good! And any music Hans Zimmer creates is going to be awesome! The wide vs full-screen things irritates me too. I've become to used to watching things in wide screen now. TI really does make a difference in picture quality!

    That's great you're starting to get back on track again! Like I've said before: every day, every small step makes a difference in the long run! ♥

  5. Wow your after pics look really great, very inspiring! You look really good! I'm going to start the SGD tomorrow. Inception is an awesome movie (and very overwhelming!) Joseph Gordon Levitt is cute. I loved him in 500 Days of Summer.