Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Past

Ok I could not help posting about this. I'm not sure if I mentioned that I Facebook stalk people from my childhood? Oh...well yeah I do that sometimes. And it's so interesting to see what people have been doing.

There's this one girl in particular...we went to the same church and I remember the guy I liked had a crush on her and she was cute and thin and we interacted a lot because we were all the same age and...I know this is mean and I wouldn't say this if I wasn't so taken aback with it all but she's big. Like, biiiiiig. And I'm not sure if I should do this but I had to show you guys. You don't even know how shocked I was because she was the girl all the guys had a crush on. And well...

I'm in the front 2nd from the left with the huge chunky legs.
I'd say this was taken when I was in the 8th grade, so I was 13. It's a church group. She's putting her arm around the girl in the white hoodie.
And here she is again in green. 

And then I saw some recent pictures.

She's on the right.

And again on the right.

Please tell me some of you know what I'm talking about? You know, there's that one super popular girl in school or at work or on your sports team or whatever who you always envied, and then you see them after years apart and they look so different?

Like there's this other girl Kaitlyn who just relentlessly picked on me in the fourth grade and almost ruined the whole year for me. She convinced all the other girls not to play with me and this one girl, Ashley, that I tried all year to convince to be my friend was best friends with her can imagine it took a long time to get her to like me. She even told a teacher that I said I wanted to shoot her. She was just a bitch. And then after I switched schools across town in fifth grade (unrelated to Kaitlyn and her teasing) I found out no one wanted to be her friend. In the sixth grade the city throws 3 dances a year for all the sixth graders in town (there was something like 8 elementary schools back then) and I saw her at one of them once. She got fat...and then she moved out of the state and now she's dating another girl. Not like I think that's bad, it's just weird to see how people end up, you know?

Boy, I can't wait to see how I react to my high school reunions. I'm going to flip my shit at those or something if I get all excited over little stuff like this already.

Ok, goodnight. I won't make you read the crazy little rants I spew about my childhood anymore.


  1. Okay I just want to say OMG. You look totally different now! You look half that 8th graders size :D

    I know the girl your showing us. I mean not really, but I know a girl like that. It's weird. Have a great tomorrow doll.

  2. I SO know the feeling. I always stalk people I knew years ago, and I am so happy to find out that I am not the only one who is doing that, haha.

    And yeah, you have changed so much! You look great :)

  3. Wow, this is so true! I do the same thing occasionally- I get a sense of satisfaction seeing folks who were a bit rude to be back then and sesing them now. It's weird how completely different they are- and sometimes I lot bigger! You have changed so much since you were 13-and in a good way!

  4. It's true! I look at some girls who were so cool and pretty and popular and I look at them and I think to myself either I exaggerated their beauty and coolness or they just went downhill from high school.

    But it feels awesome when I see these girls adn they see how FABULOUS I have become. Priceless feeling!!

  5. It's so true! There was this pretty and popular girl and she used to be quite thin in school but when i saw her this year i didn't even recognize her at first, i was shocked to see how big she got.

  6. I totally know what you mean. There was a plethora of girls in my school that I thought were really thin and pretty (the popular, mean girls). I run into most of them every once in a while and can't believe the way they look now. It's pretty bad that I'm a little bit happy they are the way they are now, but they destroyed my self esteem and I'm only just beginning to get it back now, 8 years later, so I don't feel too bad for them lol.

  7. hahahahahah yes, there are a couple girls like that from high school. Unfortunately I'm one of them, but at least I've had two kids. lol.
    AFTER. I know it's only her upper body, but you can tell just in her face.

  8. Sad to say the only ones I ever meet up with just keep on looking better. There's my chunkier cousin that just went from fat to flat. Seriously. He's so thin right now I'm envious. Also, there's my other cousin that's on a diet and has lost about 9-ish pounds so far. I wish I can tell it when I see his face. I don't see a difference. XD.

    Then there's my IB girls that are like in a race with me. One is 110 (probably a bit underweight for her height), another is like 103 (normal weight) and I'm 142...but I appear a bit smaller because of my bone structure and a lot bonier I guess some people would say. I guess I did have to lose 70lbs, they lost like 10lbs though and they were skinny to begin with! Envy runs through my veins. Almost like telling me that when I come back, I wanna be so thin THEY'LL be the ones that would call me tiny. They already said I disappeared but I want them to say I'm too thin. X'D life stories!

    Enough of my ranting! I've got nothing else to say.

  9. Oh I know we're all guilty of it, and I totally stalk, waiting to see the bitches get knocked up and lose their figures...

    ...but I am also absolutely terrified and mortified to think that any of them might be watching me for the same. So I really, really try not to. After high school, there was a brief period where I ballooned up (woohoo I'm in college I can drink beer erruh day!!!!) and pics from then...oh god I hope there are no girls giggling to themselves about that.

    but I do stalk for that kind of thing at least once a week.