Sunday, June 5, 2011

This post is too long and all over the place.

You know, I never did quite figure out why so many girls followed like 13650921475 blogs, but I currently just started following My Mission to a Thin Me, which is my 37th blog. I never thought I'd be to the point where I'd be reading so many, but I really like seeing a new post every time I log on.

So last night was pretty fun. A group of myself, Aaron, and a few of my friends went out to eat at a burger place called "Burger.". It's really spelled with a period at the end. They have some crazy combinations like burgers in between two glazed doughnuts or in the middle of grilled cheeses. I ordered a relatively tame burger with macaroni and cheese slathered on top and a chocolate shake. Very delicious. And then afterwards we went to CVS where I got Redvines, Tootsie Rolls, Sour Punch Straws, and gummi worms. And today my friends sang me happy birthday (a day early) and gave me a whole plate of Totino's Pizza Rolls, my FAVORITE. Yeah, I wasn't kidding about the not caring about what I eat thing. And today was only slightly better than yesterday. I was full for days last night. Tomorrow I'm starting the SGD again per Thin or Not's challenge. I really need to get back into paying attention to what goes into my body. I'll see all the damage tomorrow on the scale after I go to the gym (oh yeah, spent my time studying, eating, and sleeping instead of working out like I said I would today).

One good bit of news: last night I was trying to decide what to wear before I went out. A few months ago I bought this cute purple knit mini dress (although on my 5'0" frame it doesn't look so mini) from Rue21. It fit really well and even had a stretchy black belt that came with it that hid my excess belly flab.'s too big. I mean, it still fits, but you can tell that it just doesn't hug my body the way it used to. I guess that's good. I can really see changes in my body, but it's really starting to irk me that I'm going to either have to A) buy a bunch of new clothes that fit right B) pay someone to take a bunch of my clothes in or C) take the clothes in myself and risk doing it wrong. I have a friend whose mom can tailor clothes really well. She's a very traditional Asian woman and doesn't like to accept money from her daughter's friends, so I can go that route. I know I'll feel bad though giving a ton of stuff to this woman to take in and her being very polite and not wanting me to pay her. And I know with all the stuff I have it could cost up to $200 for me to take it to an actual paid tailor. I have pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, a jacket, and shorts that not longer fit at all. When I get back home I'm definitely going to have to try on everything I own and figure out what needs just a little work done and sew it myself.

Finals are coming tomorrow. At 8 am. On my birthday. Fuck. And I need to study still. Haha. I've spent the better part of the weekend on the internet looking for summer dance classes. I've found a pretty good studio to take an adult Intro to Ballet class and an Intermediate Jazz class. And it's fairly comparable in price. $48 for one class a week and $94 for two/week for 4 weeks (there are two summer sessions that are 4 weeks long) It's in the next town though and I still have to check about the studio that's literally around the corner from my house. Damn dancers who refuse to have a website for their services. I have to call. Oh well, if it's about the same price I may just go there, but I definitely have to go to at least one class from each to get the feeling for the studio. Ugh why am I going on about this, I'm sure it's boring all of you.

Up to 54 followers! Thank you Gianni, Tempest, and JellyBelly for signing on, even though I'm going through kind of a rough time with food atm.

Ok I really need to study and go to bed by midnight if I want to get any decent amount of sleep for tomorrow. My only solace, this final is only worth 7% of my grade. Too bad I think my game presentation sucked balls!

Thinspo will be back once I believe I can control the black hole which is my stomach.

♥ Toni


  1. Happy Birthday!!! No one should care about food or calories when it's their birthday- I think they should just be allowed to eat whatever they want and as much as they want of it! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself with your friends :)

    That's awesome that your clothes are starting to get loose on you! Even though you may not see much change in the numbers on the scale, you know your body is changing when things start fitting looser! It would be so much cheaper to have your friend's mom sew your clothes for you- buying new clothes is uber expensive :/

    I'm doing the SGD with Thin or Not as well! I'm really looking forward to it! I hope your week has started of really well for you and you do great on your finals!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Birthday is one of those days when calories don't matter and you can eat whatever you want!

    Isn't it great when your clothes are getting too big for you? It feels amazing and you can see your progress more clearly than when you see the number on the scale.

    Good luck with the SGD!

  3. Thanks for the shout out on your blog! And thanks for following!