Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting back on the SGD track.

Thank you Christy and Amber for the birthday wishes. =)
My Facebook has been overflowing with "happy birthday this" and :have an awesome birthday that." I really wasn't sure how many people would comment outside of the people I go to college with, but even my boss wished me a happy birthday.

So today after my first final (which I'm pretty sure I got an A on, it was ridiculously easy) I went to the gym like I said I would. And the damage was right there on the scale: 125 lbs. How oh how did I manage to gain 5 lbs in 5 days? It ain't possible. Must be the tons of food still in my system, so despite it being my birthday I'm restricting today for the start of the SGD. And to be honest I feel really good about it. I'm not thinking "dammit it's my birthday and I should eat whatever I want. " I'm thinking "it's my birthday and I'm getting back into the game so I can get this weight off." And it feels pretty awesome. I'm glad I wasn't begging to get off of the elliptical today, which I was on for over an hour.

But yeah other than the final, my birthday and food nothing else is really going on today. I'm watching The Piano for my film music class and continuing my search for dance classes. I don't want to spend a bunch of money to take like 3 classes a week but switching from 4 classes to 1 or 2 a week will be difficult. I just want to dance! But I have other priorities this summer. My jobs mainly. And losing more weight. I went from having to lose only 8 more lbs to get to my UGW and now I'm back to having to lose 13. I'm praying a lot of what I gained will be gone tomorrow. I'm drinking tons of water and cutting back the calories, so we'll see.

Oh and something I found out today (more dance related stuff): one of the teachers at the studio right around the corner from my house is my old HS dance team assistant coach. Erm...I don't know what it'll be like if I choose to dance there this summer. I never quite warmed up to any of my coaches back in high school. They liked to favor certain girls and I wasn't really one of them, but she was the nicest out of the three so that's good. And another one of the instructors is actually a girl in the grade below me who I remember from high school. Weird! I can't imagine taking dance classes from a girl who is younger than myself, especially since I'm not even really a beginner. We'll see, we'll see...

Ok, time for food. I was very much on track today and I plan on having nothing more to eat until after my final tomorrow and after I hit the gym again.

Breakfast was 6 oz of cream of wheat (90 cal), 1 tbsp brown sugar (35 cal), coffee with 1 tbsp skim milk (5 cal), 1/2 of a canned peach (50 cal), and 1 bagel (160 cal) with toppings of butter (30 cal) and cream cheese (50 cal). It was kind of a bigger breakfast than I'm used to. 420 calories total. Then I went to lunch around 3 because it was fresh cookie day. I had two small chocolate chip cookies (110 cal) with 4 oz of 2% milk (60 cal), some french fries (60 cal), and veggies (25 cal) with ranch (75 cal). That came to 330 calories. So my intake today was 750 calories and at the gym I burned off 760, so my net total is -10 calories for the day. Phew! Great for my first day back to restricting in almost a week.

And one last thing. I might, might follow in Amber's footsteps and post a picture or two of myself. Might. I'll admit I'm not hesitant entirely because of self esteem issues (well, maybe slightly), but you know how it can be on the internet, although I have wanted to put a face to my blog for a while now. I don't quite know what you all think I look like and if what I actually look like contradicts greatly with your imaginations. It's always interesting to see the face behind the mask, although I did choose my profile picture because I'd like to think that I look a little like Kaya Scodelario. Well, maybe we don't look a whole lot alike, but I do have brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles. And we're the same age (as of today). Maybe if my face were just thinner...oh well, stay tuned. If I do put pics up it'll be on my picture progress page. I need to take a current picture of my body so I can put up before/after pics, plus my sister just unearthed a Christmas photo of me two years ago and my face was so much fatter! Haha I'll have to put that up.

Alright ladies, gotta study for my exams. If any of you are going through finals I wish you the best of luck!

♥ Toni


  1. Don't worry. No way you could've gained 5 pounds in 5 days! It'll come off as easily as you 'put it on'. ;)
    Pride on your intake! Whenever I eat breakfast, I binge. Therefore breakfast is drinkable.
    <3 <3
    Good luck on the SGD! ^__^
    I'm always happy to find short people. I'm 5'3.3 or so, so I'm not that tall myself. 125 is not within my reach as of yet...I'm sure but WE CAN DO THIS! xxx Love

  2. I agree with ElBar7a! There's no way you gained 5 pounds. It was probably just a little water retention and will fall back off in no time.