Sunday, June 26, 2011

I've Had No Time

These past two days have been so full I've had no time to post. Surprise surprise they've also been filled with food. I'll definitely have to come back and fill you all in but here the gist of it:

Thursday: work and then all day movie day with Jenna. Went to see Bridesmaids and Cars 2 and ate a lot.
Friday: work and then start of summer party. There's weren't a on of people, just 15 or so of some close friends from high school. Surprisingly no one said anything about my weight loss, although I continue to get compliments at the theater I work at. This just means I have to work even harder to lose more weight so my friends notice and say something about it.
Saturday: work and Relay For Life. I didn't eat too much. Still over the SGD limit but I burned off over 600 calories in my RFL 3-hour shift. Also the schedule came in for the dance studio that's right by my house, so I'm very excited to start taking classes. Now I just need to get paaaaaaaaaaaaid.
Today: visiting Aaron. We're going to the mall where he lives (it's really nice) and just hanging out for the day. I won't be home until midnight so the next time I post might be tomorrow?

I'll have to catch you all up on this weekend. I'm sorry I've had so little time with you all the past few days. I've caught up on all of your blogs though, so I'm in the know. =)

And I'm now up to 72 followers. Thanks K, Jen, and alexmills96 for joining. And welcome back Scarlett, I see you got past that blog bug. ^_^

Ok, I'll be back later,
♥ Toni


  1. totally saw Bridesmaids on Friday, OMG HILARIOUS!!!

    you should try the Healthy SGD, it's a little more attainable and if you take in less than it says it's still okay. especially if you're going to be starting dance again you'll probably need more energy :)

  2. Lol Thanks for the welcome back! I saw bridesmaids also it was hilarious. I wish one of my friends would give puppies as a party favor. Congrats on getting compliments at work! I'm sure ur friends noticed they're just to weird to tell you :P I have a good rest of your weekend!! :)

  3. It doesn't matter if you don't post much if you're having fun! :D
    SGD sucks. >_< ...yeah. Taken I've only been on it for 1 day before going like "this won't work for me."
    I am so stubborn. I think I'm just scared of the word "diet" or something and fear crapping and doing something wrong...AGAIN.
    OMG. That feeling when nobody says anything about your weight loss for some time (especially if it's friends)...meh. Make me wanna go, cut myself in half and come back and be all like 'NOTICE NOW?'
    I HAD to lose 70lbs before my teacher said I was looking very thin...70lbs. FFFFFFFFFFFFF
    Sorry. Ranting much? X'D
    Love you, Toni! Sammy approves this message.
    Also, have fun tonight with Aaron!

  4. I went over on the SGD too! All last week! Im sorry that your friends aren't noticing. Sometimes people notice, they just don't say anything, maybe that's it.