Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tired, tan, and thinner(ish).

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was too upset. My dad and I got into a dumb fight over walking home from Dollar Scoop with my sister and I was just pissed off for most of the night. Plus I went over my calorie limit, but that's kind of assumed when it's a 300 calorie day. I totaled 530 calories, 230 over the limit. Oh well.

Today I was better. Breakfast was a laughing cow cheese wedge and 10 almonds (105 cal). And then I didn't eat again until after I came home from my parents' farm and did some exercise around 2pm. I had a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich (285 cal), 10 strawberries (20 cal), 2 carrots (15 cal), and half of a pumpkin muffin (90 cal). And I just had some Honey Bunches of Oats a few hours ago (240 cal). I did a good hour and 25 minutes of OnDemand cardio, yoga and pilates and burned off 400 calories. My intake today was 755 and my net intake was 355 calories, so 45 under my limit. Yay. =)

I'm getting very excited for the pool party my friend Taylor is throwing on Friday. Aaron will be there, I'm happy with my tan, and the scale said an even 120 on it today (even despite there being about 32 oz of water and a sandwich in my tummy). Only three more lbs and I'll officially be at a new lowest weight. 118 is the lowest ever weighed in a relatively adult body. It hasn't changed at all in height or overall shape since I was 13. I've been 5 feet and an hourglass since I hit puberty. Yesterday I ran into a girl from my HS dance team that I hadn't seen in two years and she said I looked really good and fit, so if she noticed then I'm eager to see what everyone else will notice too.

Olivia: Yeah I drank a TON of water today. I probably had a few glasses over 2 liters and I feel a lot better.

Camille: Oh yeah I remember you blogging about the water retention. The soreness has gone away a bit, so I think whatever swelling I had has gone down, but who knows? I've been drinking a lot of water so maybe my muscles will just fuck with me and decide to keep it all in. =/

Christy: Yes, very painful.

Amber: Well we don't actually live on a farm. My family lives in the 'burbs and my parents only got into farming about 5 years back, so they leased some land about 20 minutes away but I think that makes it even more challenging to maintain. They wouldn't mind moving out there to live there full time, but personally I'm fine living in the only house I've been in the past 19 years. haha

Sorry for no thinspo today, again I have work tomorrow. Six days in a row I have workworkwork. Greaaaaaaat. And I don't even get paid from my actual job until next Thursday. And I've got no clue when my parents will have the money to pay me. Ugh anyway I'm very tired. I got up at 5:30 am to get to the farm before the heat took over, so I'm worn out.

Hope everyone's day was a good summer day.
♥ Toni

P.S.-Thank you Shauna Nicholson for following! You brought me up to 68 today. =)


  1. Three pounds awasy from your lowest weight must feel pretty exciting! You'll get there really soon & you're going to look awesome for that pool party. Nice job on your intake- any time one's calories total less than their planned intake is a plus! I think a comment like "fit" is one of the best comments you can receive about weight loss. By being "fit," you're not only skinny, but you have muscles and folks can tell you exercise. I would rather folks tell me I look really fit than really skinny.

  2. 32 ounces of water is pretty freaking heavy, dude! I'm sure once you piss that out you'll be down to to at least 118, then you'll only have another pound until your lowest weight! Woohoo!!!

    Even if you went a little over yesterday, it's still not much, so I wouldn't get too bent out of shape about it (and obviously you didn't). And good job on your intake and exercise today! Super awesome!! Keep it up!

  3. Amazing! 118 is something to be seriously proud of! You're going so well! You should be proud. Awesome intake. Great exercise routine. You make me sound like a mishap! Much loveee xxx Sammy ;) ALSO, YOU TOTALLY DESERVE TO HIT 118. We all know how hard you've worked to shift from 121.5 back to 121.25 and to the like!