Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day (you know, because tons of my followers are dads, tee hee)

But seriously, I think this year was a pretty alright Father's Day. I got my dad a shirt from my university. :D

Like yesterday, I stayed on track again today. Part of that is due to the television believe it or not. I came home for summer to find that my parents switched to Xfinity and now we have On Demand, which means free exercise programs. I did, in total, probably an hour or so of pilates, cardio, abs, and thigh exercises. Now my inner thighs and glutes are sore, which is good. They haven't been sore in a long time.

I took my parents and sister out to a move for Father's Day. Now that I'm back to working I get the privilege of seeing free movies, so all I paid for was popcorn (if I had paid for all of us it would have been over $40!) We saw X-Men: First Class and I LOVED it. It was one of the best prequels I've ever seen. It was loads better than the Wolverine film. The story and acting was absolutely great.

Food was under my limit. My parents offered to cook my up eggs this morning but I just had a piece of french bread toast and butter (125 cal) with coffee (10 cal) and strawberries (25 cal). Then I didn't eat again until dinner before the movie. I ate 3.5 oz of tri tip (170 cal), a small potato with sour cream (70 cal), another piece of french bread toast (grilled with no butter; 80 cal), a few bites of caesar salad (25 cal), and a desert of my mom's home made cheese cake (130 cal). Then I had about a fifth of the small popcorn at the movies (145 cal). I'm downplaying the amount of calories I burned to 225 because I really have no clue how much I burned, but I know I was sweating! I'm sure I burned more, but better safe than sorry, right? So my total intake today was 780 and my net intake was 555 calories. Aaaaaand I weighed in at 121.25 lbs. Good day. =)

Other miscellaneous things I did today was clean out all of my thinspo folders. Some times the old stuff just doesn't elicit the same response from me, so I got rid of like 250 photos and added some more from tumblr. A lot of fitspo, which I'm really getting into, as are a few other bloggers I'm noticing.

I love her body

Sooooo taaaaaaaan

And a hello to hey.haha.Thanks for joining. ^_^

Shrinking Violet: Thank you! I'd really like to get rid of the rest of the little pooch on my belly but overall I think the difference in my body is really noticeable.And yes I thought JGL was so gorgeous in Inception, especially in all those suits.

Amber: Haha thanks for understanding my screen rant. And yeas, every day does make a difference. I'm glad I didn't decide to just keep screwing up because of one bad week.

Christy: Really? The whole time I was thinking "boy, I really want some chocolate, and gummi candy, and whipped cream, and sugar, and allthecandyintheworld!"

Sammy and Ulla: Doesn't Nolan just make the best movies? He's definitely my favorite modern director.

Hope you ladies are having a good day (or night if you're living in the States like me). And to all the girls who are having a tough time I hope tomorrow is a fresh start and you all feel a little better.

♥ Toni


  1. Amazing thinspo! You're doing a great job keeping your calorie-intake low. :)

  2. Fitspo is good because it shows that you can still be healthy while taking in "less than normal" calories.

    Yay for On Demand vids! I'm assuming you live in the UK? Because I have never heard of Xfinity or whatever. lol. It must be our equivalent to Time Warner Cable.

    Good job on your intake, by the way! And the weigh-in :) Fucking fabulous!

  3. Good job on your intake and weight! Keep it up!
    And the thinspo is awesome!

  4. Thanks for subscribing! I'm a sucker for fitspo, especially running stuff. I also try to find buff arms that I like, since I will never ever have the stick-thin arms I've always idolized.

  5. Congrats!!! That's awesome! :) And I'm loving the fitspo!

  6. yay great intake! and i'm addicted to pilates videos, i think they've done wonders for my lumpy thighs, they are just a little less lumpy :)
    and Nolan is like so brilliant! <3