Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Disappointed in my body.

So today I had work and I decided all I would have was coffee and water until I got home. I thought I'd be down at least a half lb, but nooooooooo, my body decided to be a little rebel and gain to 121.5 lbs. Well, maybe when I weigh myself tomorrow morning I'll be smaller.

Boy did I think I was sore last night. Today was so much worse. Climbing stairs was painful. My thighs, obliques, and butt are screaming. Today my mom said how skinny my legs look and gave them a little squeeze and I gasped in pain. I guess I worked harder than I thought I did. And guess what? I did it again today. I'm guessing I burned maybe 185 calories, but again I'm downplaying it.

So food was coffee this morning (10 cal), and a fun size twix (80 cal) plus bite of cookie dough (35 cal) when I got home. Despite my mom using Crisco in her cookies, most of everything else is fairly healthy. Almond meal, oats, and unbleached flour among other things. Plus they taste great. We went to Carl's Jr. for dinner and I got a Cranberry Walnut Salad with grilled chicken. I only used half of the raspberry vinaigrette and feta cheese, so instead of a 360 calorie salad it was more like 305. And then I had a super small piece of my mom's cheese cake (55 cal) So my total intake today was 485 and my net intake was 300 calories. I'm glad I'm finding the energy to actually keep up with the SGD, and your lovely comments and support really help push me along. =)

Camille: No I don't live in the UK, California is my house and home. I guess Xfinity is a subset of Comcast, so maybe that rings more of a bell? And thank you for the support. You and your hubby are totally adorable. =)

So yeah my day hasn't been too exciting...at all. I hope I have more to talk about tomorrow. I gotta go to bed soon though, I'm getting up early to go to my parents' farm. Oh joy...

I really want to eat a whole bakery right now.

♥ Toni


  1. I hate how our bodies always do the opposite of what we want them to do :/. Even though you might not like it, being sore can be a good thing! Lets you know you're working certain muscles you haven't worked in a while! Your folks live on a farm? That sounds so cool! Even though I live in the South, I've only went to a farm a couple of times as a kid. I wouldn't mind living and working on a farm- it would be tons of hard work but I would always stay busy! I hope you're having a lovely week ♥

  2. your legs are probably sore because doing stairs is more of a strength training exercise than cardio. That'll build muscle and will actually burn more calories over time than cardio, which only burns calories during, and immediately after workouts.

    You probably weigh a little more because your muscles are RETAINING WATER. I just learned this little secret the other day! Your muscles are swollen, so obviously they're going to be bigger and weight a little more than when they're just chilling. You can retain up to 5 pounds of water in your muscles while they're sore.

    You're doing a great job! Keep up the fantastic work, girl!

  3. Being sore from working out feels like an achievement,a rather painful achievement but still :))

    Have a great day!

  4. Babe, I bet it's that coffee can sometimes do strange things like retain a bit of water. Also, drinking more water during the day can help. With bloating, I the best thing is to not have salt, and put a few slices of lemon in your water. That helps loads, especially when I'm on my P. Also, I don't really count any weigh in until I'm sure that most of the water I consumed recently had passed through, but that's a weird disordered ritual.

    I hope today is great, keep up the awesome work! I know it may not feel awesome yet, but your body is getting toned and fit and happy! much love