Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthdays All Around

This past weekend was birthday central in my hall. There were so many! And last night a bunch of us went out to celebrate them at a fancy Mexican restaurant. All in all my intake wasn't terrible, but it was still over my limit. It didn't help that I had a ton to eat for brunch that morning. It consisted of chipotle beef, 1/2 of a doughnut, a banana nut muffin, hash browns, some vegan chili, lemonade, frosted flakes, and frozen yogurt. I won;t bore you with the specifics but it was 860 calories total. *Gag* But then I went to the gym and burned 750 of those calories off. Then dinnertime came. I felt so full afterwards, probably due to drinking 3 glasses of water with dinner, but still I ate a ton of chips and salsa, and the main course was 1/2 of a chimichanga (a fried burrito, how healthy of me) and beans and rice. I'm counting my total to be about 900 calories for Saturday, which is 250 over my limit of 650. Meh, I feel ok about it.

Today has been much better. I pretty much had sugar for breakfast before hitting the gym to get my metabolism working. I had 2 red vines (55cal), a cake doughnut (190 cal), and some strawberry fro-yo (55 cal). I guess it's ok because I burned 755 calories! Then I went to the dining hall with Aaron for lunch. It consisted of a BLT (345 cal), a slice of banana bread (185 cal), and one slice of cheese pizza (250 cal). I'm planning on that being it for the day due to all the homework I need to get done, so that puts me at a total of 325 calories for the day. Ugh what is it with me being over one day and then being under the next? Oh well, I shouldn't stress about it too much, I'm still losing.

That's about it for today. Nothing terribly exciting has been going on, and you know I'll update if it does.

Bye bye lovelies,
♥ Toni

P.S.- Thank you for all the lovely comments about my last loss. They always keep me going to make you all more proud!

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  1. You did good at the restaurant. Whenever i go to a birthday party i always eat nothing but cake, which usually has too many calories >_<