Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today is a gorgeous day. =)

Oh I'm sorry for not posting last night. I had a lot to read and I just didn't have time after dance class and the gym (which I was at for only 20 minutes, this...whatever sickness I have is really taking a lot out of me).

As always thank you for all the comments on last night's post. They motivate me so much! And I'm up to 35 followers! The newest one: Ana-answer. Go follow her! Show her some support on the journey we're all taking. =) 

Thin_Envy: Girl you are 111 lbs. That's 15 lbs lighter than me. I know you want to be 90 lbs but come on, I'm sure you could wear that midriff shirt right now and look great in it! Although it is always nice to have a visual reminder of your goals.

So yesterday was alright with food. I only had a piece of crustless toast with butter (110 cal) and half a grapefruit (30 cal) for breakfast. Lunch was something called Mayan pork with veggies (125 cal) and 4.5 oz of vegan chili (45 cal). That comes to 310 calories, and the remaining 190 were used up with some leftover Chinese I ate with Aaron. I didn't have a lot, just enough to wade off a growling tummy. Dance nixed 350 calories and I burned 160 on a cycle at the gym, so my intake was 500 calories and my net intake was -10 calories. I can live with that. Aaaaand my digestive system is getting back on track which means I'm losing again. 126 lbs on the scale last night. It's not much but it's enough to get lift my spirits. Getting to 118 by May 21st looks a little easier now.

I got another 80 points for the 10 Day Diet. 500 calories (20 pts), 1 hr 50 min exercise (20 pts), 2 L water (20 pts), and 8.5 hrs sleep (20 pts).

Alright so in other news I was found. Granted it was only by my boyfriend, but I thought he would make a big deal over it. Instead all he said was that all I talk about it what I eat and the 2 paragraphs he read were boring and he didn't really want to read anything else. That got me thinking: do I write boring posts? I try not to, but do I? Is there something else you all want me to touch on? I guess I could write more about my personal life, but I just don't have a very exciting life at the moment.

Ok, I'm about to go finally have some real food, but I'll catch up with you later, post my intake for today, and show some thinspo love.

I really didn't want to go to dance today because of whatever sickness I've been going through, but it made me feel a lot better. It burned 300 calories and I spent only 20 minutes on an elliptical right after and burned another 270. The scale said 125.75. It's progress I guess.

Food was ok. Despite getting my 8 hours of sleep I was really groggy at my 8 am class so I had a 10 oz coffee with a smidge of splenda, non-fat milk, and half and half (15 cal). Lunch was 7.5 oz of black bean soup (90 cal), some cooked zucchini (35 cal), a small fish patty with tartar sauce (125 cal), and a small plateful of carrot sticks (55 cal). Dinner was 1/2 of a beef tamale (45 cal), some strawberry fro yo (50 cal), and half of a brownie (75 cal) bringing my total to 490 calories and with exercise to -80 calories.

Alright I got my 8 hours of sleep, 2 liters of water, under 500 calories, and 1 hr 50 minutes of exercise, bringing me to another 80 points. It's slightly monotonous, but it's relatively easy and I'm seeing results.

As always I'm loving you girls and your comments, especially regarding what I mentioned earlier about Aaron. On the one hand I'm glad he's not very interested in my blog, but on the other it kind of surprised me that he wasn't more concerned about my dietary habits, but I guess that's due to him not caring enough to read. Oh well...
Christy: Fat and carbs? Wow I can't believe he memorized all of that!

Ok I've got work to do, so I'll leave you with this little beauty:
 I am so obsessed with stomachs! I wish I had a flatter one. =/

Hoping you girlies have a lovely night,
♥ Toni


  1. Haha, I kind of find it amusing what your boyfriend said, I mean, it is a pro-ana site, right? What did he expect? Maybe he just thinks it's boring because he doesn't understand? :$
    But anyways, you've been in the negatives so often lately! Good job!!!

  2. Thank you very much for your kind comments on my blog! It means a lot to me.

    I'm glad you're doing well :) You'll definitely get to to 118 by May 21st.

    I bet if your boyfriend was on a diet he wouldn't have thought it's boring. I know one guy who is dieting right now and he knows not only how many calories different foods have but also how much fats and carbohydrats ^.^

  3. I'm sure our posts would be boring to anyone who isn't obsessed with food! Ehh, whatever. My man has read my posts and he doesn't really comment on the content, just that it's intense and I'm a decent writer (puh-lease). Sounds like yesterday went smoothly for you, congrats. Keep up the great work chica!

  4. Your posts are NOT boring! We all have our little Blogging communities and we write/read what we find interesting. You're doing so well with the 10 day diet- that's awesome! I hope the rest of the days go well for you ♥