Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Past Two Days

I'm sorry I haven't posted in the past couple of days! I've been caught up with too much work to post accurately, so here's the rundown of the past two days:

I was over by 185 calories. <.<
The 300 days are always the worst.
I'll just spill all the food I ate. 3/4 tbsp ranch (55 cal) with 7 baby carrots and 5 slices of cucumber (30 cal), a dinner roll (170 cal), 4.5 oz of vegan chili (45 cal), 2 redvines (55 cal), Jamba Juice 16 oz. Berry Fulfilling smoothie (140 cal, Aaron had a few sips), 1 beef taquito (70 cal), pasta (forgot which kind, 150 cal), 5 oz vegan chili (50 cal), and a peanut butter cookie (70 cal). With -350 from dance my total came to 485 calories. I was sick with disgust for myself that night.

Yesterday was much better. It definitely made up for Tuesday.
My limit was 400 and I had a workout in the morning before eating. So I was already -580 by the time I ate lunch, which was the only meal I had.
I had a beef tamale (90 cal) with 1/3 cup refried beans, 1/2 tbsp sour cream, and 1/2 tbsp guacamole (90 cal), 1 3/4 tbsp ranch with 6 baby carrots, 6 slices of cucumber, and 7 celery sticks (160 cal), 2 small chocolate chip cookies (110 cal), and 2 redvines and a risen for a sweet snack (95 cal). Then I went to dance and burned another 300 calories, and the last thing I had before bed was a large coffee with 2 tbsp plain creamer (40 cal). So my total yesterday was -295 calories. The coffee scared me though. I had it at 10 pm because I was staying up a little late to finish this game tutorial for class and by the time I went to bed (2 am-ish) I was shaking and felt like I was going to throw up. I think it was a caffeine. Funny, I just got my caffeine pills in the mail today...

So far I've been on track. I told myself I was going to fast all day today in preparation for the first Super Slimdown Competition weigh in, but I ate a little for lunch. I had 1 3/4 tbsp ranch with 5 carrot sticks, 3 celery sticks, and 3 cucumber slices (155 cal), a ciabatta roll (130 cal), a couple bites of glazed pork stuff (70 cal), and 2 redvines (55 cal) which comes to 400 calories, and after dance (-300) my total intake will be 100 calories. Not too bad.

So yeah right now is just a food post. I'll be back with my weigh-in and other fun tidbits later, promise.

Dance class was great! The caffeine pill I took really started to kick in just around that time and I was ready to let my legs go go go! I stuck to my plan and haven't eaten since lunch at 2:30, so my total today stays at 100/450. Yay. ^-^
Aaaaaand when I weighed myself I was down to 127.25 lbs. Tomorrow I plan on going to the gym after my last class around 3:30 and doing the official weigh-in for the Slimdown Competition. Can't wait! I'm praying for 126.

♥ Toni


  1. Even though we all have those "bad" food days every once in a while, the great thing is we can ALWAYS redeem ourselves! You did very well in redeeming yourself- you're intake the past couple of days is great! I thought about joining the super slimdown competition thing but by the time I heard about it, it was too late to sigh up, but oh well! Caffeine is some great stuff but sometimes it can cause you to get all shaky & weird, which causes you to limit your caffeine intake sometimes. Coffee with cream & splenda is some good stuff too!

  2. You're doing very well! I can't manage to keep my intake under 500 calories, i always end up near 900. So i think 485 isn't that bad, plus you've been eating very little afterwards. I'm sure you'll get to 126.

    Also, good luck with the competition!