Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fast #2 & Update

26 followers! Thank you americaneaglelove for following and posting a comment. =)
And thanks to those who gave me support during and after my fast. Since I'm planning on not working out this weekend I've decided to do another one that will be broken before I either go to the gym or dance class tomorrow.

So I don't think I kept as good of track over yesterday's intake, but it wasn't enough to put me over so I'm just going to say I was at intake which was 650 calories.

I don't really know what to post today. I'm kind of at a loss for words because all I did yesterday was literally ate breakfast then stayed in bed all day. I did homework mostly and cuddled with Aaron. It was pretty unproductive, so today I'm going outside with some friends because it's really nice and we're going to have a homework session in the meadow right next to the dining hall. Plus I'm going to try to get a tan. It takes a lot for me to tan so I don't think I'll see much progress. Haha.

Well you know me, I'll keep you all posted.

♥ Toni

Dang! Now I'm up to 27 followers! That's 3 new followers in the past, what, 5 days? My newest one is Jennie. You guys should check out her blog. She's just starting up a new one after her last one was discovered so go show her some love. ♥

So this fast wasn't as successful as the last one. Pretty much all I did was go all day without eating until dinnertime. The last fast I did was 36.5 hours. This one was 19.5 hours. I went from last night at 9 pm to today around 4:30 pm. Meh. Food was under limit. I had a slice of pumpkin pie (200 cal), a hot dog (190 cal), some tortilla chips (50 cal), 8 oz of root beer (100 cal), and 2 pork ribs (140 cal) for a total of 680 calories out of the 700 I was allowed. Looking back they don't look like very healthy foods, but my explanation is down there. vvv

For some reason I just felt really good about myself today. Obviously eating all that food has made me feel a little bloated, but before that I was pretty good. I went out tanning (and unfortunately christy, I did get a slight sunburn) with some friends and just had a good time. I put on a bandeau I hadn't worn in two years and even with the top clasped as tight as it would go it was still a little big. I'm feeling better about my body and I just want it to keep going. If I feel like this at 127 I can only image how ecstatic I'll feel at 118. I'm walking taller, fitting into my clothes better, and my mood is up a lot more from spring break. It was a very good day.


  1. A little bit of laziness isn't bad :)

    Good luck with the fast! You can do it!

    Also good luck with tanning! But be careful and don't get sunburned.

  2. weight twinsies, teehee! If you felt like your intake isn't too healthy, maybe add a veggie and fruit with every meal? Sending skinnies xoxo keep up the good work :)