Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Feeling smaller, feeling sicker?

124.5 lbs today. Sooooo close. I have the feeling though that my weight tomorrow will be farther away from 124 than it was today...

I almost went for a 24 hours fast. The last time I ate was yesterday after class at 2, and I kept it up until 1 pm today. I was starving. My stomach was rumbling in 8 am lecture this morning, but some gum and 3 oz of water calmed it down, then I went for a workout at the gym and burned 755 calories.I came home, showered, then ate 540 calories' worth of food (eggplant, garlic bread, tomato bisque, and veggies), then went off to dance where I burned another 300 calories, then came back and ate more food. Nachos, I'd say 375? So my net total comes to -140 calories, although I still only get 10 points for food being over 500, 10 points for sleep (6 hrs), and 20 points for both exercise and water (2 hrs, 35 minutes and 2 liters, respectively).

Speaking of water, I've been experiencing very, er, loose stools lately, if you catch my drift. It started the night before I began the 10 Day Diet, but all the water I've been drinking hasn't been helping much, in fact I think it's making it worse. 3 days this has been going on, and I can't help but think that my weight loss may be linked to my apparent malnutrition according to my toilet. Have any of you experienced this? I think I'll wait it out until Friday (hey, I'll take any way I can to get my weight down in time for the Super Slimdown Competition weigh in). If I'm still having potty problems then I'll go to the campus health center. Having a virus or parasite would be no fun.

On a less disgusting note, today is 420! Or at least it was. I largely didn't celebrate it as I was very much against smoking before dance class, but I took a snicker doodle edible about an hour ago. So far...nothing. That's fine with me I guess, I need to get some reading done. Harriet Jacobs here I come!

Oh and yesterday I e-mailed the captain of my university's dance team and asked if there would be spring tryouts for next year. Turns out they're in early June. I've been getting more confident in my dancing and even though I didn't make the team in the fall I think I may have a shot with my improved technique and shrinking physique. So now I have a dilemma, try out for cheer, try out for dance, or plan on trying out for both? I may just suck at cheer tryouts which would give me a free conscience to go out for dance, but if I made the team I'd still really want to try dancing and I'd feel like a big traitor. The again I could just plan on trying out for dance, but if I didn't make it I'd always wonder if I could have made the cheer team, but then again they do both hold more tryouts in early fall. Ah! Decisions, decisions.

Ok lovelies, that's all I have today.

Wishing you a happy Thursday,
♥ Toni


  1. Why not try out for both dance and cheer? Then you won't have to wonder if you could make it.

    Talking about loose stool, maybe you're drinking too much water or eat many veggies or fruits, that usually leads to it.

  2. Yep, it's the water. If you don't generally hydrate that much then it'll change things. Also the amount of fiber you consume, like apples and shit. lol I think your intake sounds really healthy, especially with the exercise. Good job! skinnies and loves

  3. What is the Super Slimdown Competition?