Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lost a follower, gained a pound.

Not exactly how I wanted to start my day. I don't get it. 126.5 lbs, what? That's not possible. I still haven't calculated my total from yesterday, but I'm sure it didn't help. I think today I may attempt to just fast the whole day. I think it'll help some. And I'm going to try drinking 3 liters of water instead of the usual 2 to help push all the extra yuckies out of my body. At least I exercised for and hour and burned off 725 calories, so there's almost no way I won't be in the negatives by tonight.

Ok gotta shower and start on this damn project, I'll update later, promise.

Ok, I feel slightly depressed. Part of it is being away from Aaron, part of it is me not sticking to my guns and eating a bunch of food (I'm too scared to add up how much I ate today and yesterday), part of it is this horrid digestive system I've had the past few days, part of it is gaining fake weight, and part of it is not knowing whether or not I'll be able to change things.

I'm thinking of buying laxatives to help with this problem, because it's an actual problem. I don't want to get vulgar, but not being able to pass anything is really getting irritating. I keep thinking if I eat maybe the extra food will pass. Nope. Nothing.

Tomorrow is Easter. There's an Easter Egg Hunt in my college's meadow tomorrow from noon to 5 and I'm really excited because I won't be home to Easter Egg Hunt, but I know that means I'll probably be eating candy. Plus I'm going out for Chinese around 2 with my friends, and while I've been dying for some chow mein and some paper wrapped chicken, I know I'll probably eat a ton. No breakfast for me then. And I better burn as many calories as I can at the gym. And starting Monday I really need to restrict myself back to 500 calories a day.

Ok I'm too tired for a formal closer, so I'll end off wishing you all a happy Easter and better luck with food than I have been having.

♥ Toni

P.S.-Back to 31 followers. =) Her name is Cara, and she's just starting out with her blog. Go show her some love.


  1. Darling, it'll be gone before you know it. Don't fret. :) Maybe think about doing some research on exercise weight? You could be gaining muscle mass. Skinnies and loves doll, hope you are happier!

  2. I'm so sorry. Hate weigth fluctuations.
    You could try to do a cleanse or a detox diet to help your digestive system.
    I'm not sure about laxatives but if you get used to them then they won't be helping.

    Hope you have a nice day ♥

  3. I hate weight fluctuations.

    Everyone loses followers along the way. Without fail I ALWAYS lose followers whenever I write a sad/personal post. Like that post I wrote about visiting my dad. buuuuuut I figureif I can't write what I want to, whats the point of having a blog?

    ~ H

    hope you feel better/your digestive issues clear up.