Sunday, April 24, 2011

Starting All Over

Yes. I must. I have lost sight of my goals and therefore I must start all over from scratch. I'm starting the 10 Day Diet over and not. straying. at. all. I think what did it was all the exercise. Something about all that water and 2+ hours of exercise a day made my body go berserk, like it thought I was fighting for my life or something. So this weekend I let loose. I ate whatever the hell I wanted, I didn't count calories. Just today I've had Easter candy, Chinese food, a doughnut, several Lays potato chips, and a bottle of Sprite. I feel like a monster, which is only being enhanced by reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. So my goal for the next 30 days (with days 27 and 28 being my cheer tryout days) is to stick to 3 cycles of the 10 Day Diet and not screw up. I will, however, cool it on the gym time and only go Friday-Sunday since dance Monday-Thursday covers my 1 hr. I will stick to sleep the best that I can and definitely stop shoveling so much food down my throat. I can do this!

To kick start my motivation:
bikini-ready, that's what I want to be.

 Although I may have possibly bought 2 bags of chips at Safeway today, but that's ok! I'll work past it. And instead of depriving you lovely supporters of thinspo until I reach whatever goal I need to get to I'm going to start posting a picture or two of thinspo every day for motivation and then go hog wild when I get to my next weight goal. Sound good?

I hope you all had lovely Easters today. If you spent it with your family, cherish it! I spent mine in college thinking about my grandma's egg hunts and family dinners. Oh well...

Have a wonderful evening,
♥ Toni


  1. Good luck! I know you can do it!

  2. Starting over from scratch is a good idea, especially if you've lost your motivation/goals somewhere along the way. Trying something over again will help you get back on track again! Don't beat yourself up too bad about yesterday- it was a holiday and folks generally celebrate with food. I wish you well on the 10 day diet! I would like to try it with you if you don't mind. I've never tried this diet before and I always like to give new things a try :)

  3. Don't feel to bad about the exercise & hunger, I am in the same boat too - my long runs are turning me into a monster. Not sure if you read the fitness at all but Rusty has an article on how some people find long steady state cardio sesions to increase hunger. He says if you can do intervals or HIIT that type of exercise doesn't affect hunger levels much.

    Hope that helps and happy easter :)

    ~ H