Thursday, April 21, 2011


Alright, so I don't care what the scale says but there is no way on earth I gained 2.5 lbs in one day. No way. I wouldn't say all the food in my system got me to 127 today, but I haven't gone big girl potty for over 24 hours. I just wish my digestive system would make up it's mind, or better yet go back to normal.

Trinity: the Super Slimdown Competition is something created by sunshinechild. It's a competition between several girls that started on April 1 and is going until May 20. Basically it's a competition to see who can lose the most weight in that amount of time.

Christy: Thank you for being so supportive these past few days. It's been really hard hitting the gym as often as I have been but your comments help make me stronger. =)  And I hope your fast is still going well.

Ok so again I'm in the negatives for the day. I only had one meal (lunch) around 2 pm that consisted of 2 oz mashed potatoes (110 cal), 1/2 of a hotdog with the bun (135 cal), 15 large-ish cut fries (110 cal), 3/4 of a dinner roll (105 cal), a marshmallow egg I got in my Easter basket my grandma sent me in the mail (80 cal), 3/4 of a piece of chocolate cream cake (150 cal), some pina colada fro yo (50 cal), and 4 redvines (110 cal) which comes to 850 calories. Dance was -350 calories and I burned off 775 calories on the elliptical after that so my net total for the day is -275 calories. Not terrible. I hope I can get back down to 124 by tomorrow since I know I can't be burning all of these calories and gain weight at the same time. Hopefully my body will agree with me on that and shed all the extra yuckiness in me.

Day 4 of the 10 Day Diet went as follows: 850 calories (10 points), 8 hours of sleep (20 points), 2 liters of water (20 points), 2.5 hrs of exercise (20 points). Total: 70 points. Acceptable. I don't think I'll be getting many 80 point days, but I've been in the negatives all week so I guess I don't mind too much.

So I've resolved to try out for both cheer and dance. I have a feeling I have a better chance of making cheer rather than dance, but we'll see come audition time. I only say this because from what I've heard the cheer team isn't terribly hard to make. In contrast, when I tried out for dance in the fall less than 10 girls out of over 50 who tried out made the team. Ugh...

Ok I think I'm rambling, and not in a particularly interesting way. Aaaaand I have 70 pages of a book to read before 9:30 am tomorrow. I'll check back in the afternoon and let you all know how the gym goes!

Oh BTW, I got up to 31 followers. =) You should check out my newest follower's blog, thin and bones, she posts great thinspo.

♥ Toni


  1. Those 2.5 lbs will disappear after your digestive system gets back to normal. You're eating little and exercise much so you couldn't have gained any weight. You can try to take a bath with sea salt, i usually shed up to 3 lbs after soaking in it for 45 minutes.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout you're really lovely!! (: And you're making such progress with that diet, I'm not gonna lie I'm jealous :) xo