Saturday, April 16, 2011

10 Day Diet

Sorry for not updating last night. A few of you asked what the 10 Day Diet is.
So basically it's just a point system that takes 10 days to do and promises a loss of up to 5 lbs. I think it'll be fairly easy after 30 days of the SGD. The only challenge I think I'll face is the 64 oz of water a day. I usually only drink 3-5 (gotta work on that...). I'm taking a little break from counting my calories religiously before starting this on Monday.

Yesterday's weigh in wasn't as bad as I thought. I'm basically the same weight as I was a week ago - 126 lbs. I hope this week will yield better results because I'm definitely in a better mindset than last week. My intake last night wasn't terrible. I had only eaten 100 calories of coconut frozen yogurt and burned 550 calories at the gym before going out to eat at a burger place. I just had a regular burger and some fries, probably no more than 700 calories total, so my total came to around 250 calories. Today all I've had is a small turkey sandwich from this place on campus (probably around 500 calories, but that maybe that's a slight overestimation). I think that's all I'll have today. I feel pretty content. No gym though. It's only open until 6 pm on the weekends and I have a lot of homework to do, mainly an essay due on Monday about Benito Cereno by Herman Melville. So gotta get to work! I'll catch up on everyone's blogs real quick beforehand though. Gotta keep my spirits up. =)

♥ Toni

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