Friday, April 15, 2011

Ups and Downs

I feel terrible about my lack of posting this week. After this is up I'm going straight to my reading list to catch up on everyone's posts. I've just been in an eating slump. I'll know how bad the damage is after I go weigh myself this afternoon, but I'm sure I'm back around 127-128. Although I'm also a little bloated due to my period, but I don't like to use that as an excuse because I almost never get the nasty side effects of my period (headaches, bloatedness, cramps, etc.). As for Monday-Thursday, I think I probably had an average of 1,300 calories each day, so my final days of SGD is shot. Overall I think it went pretty well, but I know I could have done a lot better. Next up I think I'll try the 10-day diet. It's worth a shot.

Besides my eating fails, everything else is currently going smoothly. Despite losing minimal weight since spring break I'm still getting compliments on my new physique, Aaron and I are in a good place right now, and my school work is still strong. Plus something really good happened in my jazz class last night. My dance teacher told me how much she enjoys having me four days a week and that she sees great potential in me. She even said she's going to start picking on me in class to get me to improve even more and that I should try to be in shows next year. After going through so much on my old dance team in high school (I repeatedly tried to climb the leadership ladder and failed on many occasion, serves me right for wanting to be captain of a team that I loved) it was really great to have positive feedback from a real dancer. Plus I've been trying so hard in that class after not dancing for almost a year. It just felt good to be recognized.

I'm also feeling better overall about my body, but of course I still want to be thinner. 118 is still my goal before cheer tryouts and I currently have 36 days to do it. 2 lbs. a week is all I need, and with the current eating habits I've picked up I'll definitely be looking to my blogging community to help keep me on track (that's you girls!).

As a closer I want to give a thank you to my new follower. It's awesome to know that even when I'm being neglectful of my lovely followers people are still reading, although of course I feel just awful for not updating for you lovelies that read me daily.

Alright, I'll be back later to fill you guys in on the damage of the past few days after I weigh in. See you all then.

♥ Toni

Edit: I just looked up the calories for everything I ate the past few days. I definitely overestimated the average I posted earlier, but it sure felt like I ate 1300 calories a day. Maybe that was just yesterday...


  1. well as you know I do the same thing, when im eating im too ashamed to blog. but i love reading your post, its nice to have someone at least of similar height because i too agree with you that we have to weigh so much less than other girls do. congrats on your dance class it sounds like your getting the much deserved and wanted appreciation, im sure you are a spectacular dancer. im also trying to lose two pounds a week so ill try to keep you motivated and in mind when im standing in front of the fridge:) please do give details on this 10 day diet!

  2. Two pounds a week sounds fine, i'm sure you'll make it!Btw, what is 10-day diet?

    People's compliments are a good motivation.
    And it sounds like your dance class was very good too!