Monday, April 25, 2011

Fresh Start: A Success

34 followers! You guys are so awesome. I'm a little stressed right now and seeing my number of followers grow is such a nice surprise. =)

Ok so for starters I broke my promise. I went to the gym after dance, but only for 25 minutes! I figured if I burn off the 500 calories I eat a day I can go to bed with a 0 (possibly negative) calorie slate. And considering I already burn off 300-350 calories a day from dance these workouts will only be 20 minutes max and not excessive.

I managed to actually do well with food today. I skipped breakfast and had lunch at 1. Because I'm getting sick I went with fruits with vitamin C. I had 2 slices of pineapple (50 cal), a kiwi (40 cal), 6 slices of orange (35 cal), and a salad with 1 tbsp of ranch dressing (90 cal). Then I went to dance and the gym which burned off 565 calories. Dinner was 2 oz of mashed potatoes (60 cal), 2 oz of flank steak (120 cal), and a small piece of pesto foccacia (75 cal) for a total intake of 470 calories and a net total of -95 calories.

The 10 Day Diet points are as follows:
8 hours of sleep (20 pts), 2 L of water (20 pts), <500 calories of food (20 pts), and 2 hours of exercise (20 pts) for my first day of 80 points!

Thank you for all the comments about starting this whole thing over. It makes me feel less like a failure and more like I'm doing something to take control over the way my eating has been. I don't think I'll have too much trouble reaching 80 points each day this go around.

Ariana: It's awesome that you're doing the 10 Day Diet with me! This way we can support each other on a day-to-day basis and have someone to go to when we feel like we're getting off track. And I even saw a few other people wanting to do it with you on your blog. 10 Day Diet fever has struck!

Harlow: Yeah I've read all the posts you put up about Rusty's exercise regimens. Maybe I'll have to start doing more noticeable intervals with my cardio. And I'm so jealous over how far you've come with your running. I just could not ever imagine myself running for 15 miles, four hours straight. You're fabulous!

Alright that's really all I have today. I weighed in at 126.5 lbs. Not where I want to be exactly but it's better than 128, which is what I thought I'd weigh today after this weekend's disaster. Right now though I have volume 1 of Frankenstein and 2 game design chapters to read plus a prototype to finish.

Someday I hope to be able to rock a 
half shirt without feeling like a pudge.

♥ Toni


  1. Wow great job on the diet! I'm proud of you and jealous at the same time! :)<3

  2. First day of 80 points! Congrats! (^o^)

  3. i totally just bought a half shirt in hopes of it motivating me to lose my belly. i really need to work out more your intake/burn ratio is amazing

  4. I'm loving the thinspo daily. You are so awesome for sticking to your plan! Yay! It's all about determination and self-control, and it sounds like you've got it. Skinnies and loves :)