Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday is Laundry Day

Alright so today has been going pretty well, save for the fact that I realized I forgot to call my parents last night...again. I always forget! That just means I need to call them...right after I'm done posting. But my fan base is up to 9! Thank you guys for taking the time to read these rants I call my life.

It was super sunny today, which is nice for being winter and all. Food wasn't great, but not terrible. It was around the same as yesterday (before the Taco Bell incident). I skipped breakfast (not enough time to eat before class) and ended up having a few bites of grilled chicken and zucchini + two or three spoonfuls of turkey noodle soup (100 cal), 2 saltine crackers (25 cal), 2 slices of cantaloupe (20 cal), and 1 piece of sourdough toast with butter (150 cal). So lunch total = 295. Dinner was just a bowl of generic Cap'n Crunch with reduced fat milk (225 cal) and another piece of sourdough toast (100 cal). Dinner total = 335. For a grand total of 630. Fuck, I forgot a cookie, make that 680. That's what I get for forgoing a liquid dinner and having actual food.

The rest of the day has just been classes, homework, and more classes. Right now I'm doing my laundry with some friends (ran out of sports bras for the gym), and after that I'll be guessed it, more homework. Fun fun fun times. But for now I'll leave you with some thinspo. =)

I tried to do a lot of different things today, but it's mostly little legs and flat stomachs.
I'm off to fetch my clothes from the dryer. Goodnight all. ^__^


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