Monday, February 21, 2011

Homework Day!

Hey girlies. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Thank you for all the comments to yesterday's post, I really appreciated them (it's nice to know when we all reach our goal weights we'll be all over the place in giant sweaters ^_^). And a big congrats to those who reached their own mini goals over the weekend! =)

Sadly I couldn't go to the gym today due to massive amounts of homework (and it's also closed tomorrow for the holiday, looks like I'm sticking to restricting until Tuesday). I have 200 pages in a book, 40 pages in a chapter, and dozens of pages in articles to read for classes by Tuesday and Wednesday. Plus I have a film essay due in two weeks. We have to analyze a film's form in relation to its ideology. Any suggestions? I was thinking about doing a film like American Beauty or The Shawshank Redemption. They're both high on my favorite movie list.

Anyway I only went to the dining hall twice today. Fortunately there wasn't much there that I wanted, so I think I ate. For lunch I had about 150 cal worth of mac-n-cheese. It was baked but I put all the breading to the side (it didn't taste very good anyway). I also had a small salad with a few slices of cucumber and 1/2 tbsp of cesar dressing (45 cal) and about 4 oz of oatmeal with brown sugar (115 cal) for a lunch total of 310 calories. Dinner was slightly worse. I had another salad (medium sized) with 1/2 tbsp sunflower seeds, 2 pieces of baby corn, some slices of cucumber, 3/4 tbsp feta cheese, and 1.25 tbsp ranch (160 cal), a small slice of cheese pizza (150 cal), and a small slice of apple, cranberry, and strawberry pie (250 cal) for a dinner total of 560 calories, which means my grand total is 870 calories. Ugh, not what I wanted today but what can you do? I always feel like I eat more when it's rainy outside.

But on to prettier thing, like thinspo!

I'm not sure you'll need much help in guessing the theme of tonight's bunch. ;) If only we could all look that good without a top on...

Well goodnight ladies and have a great tomorrow. =)

♥ Toni

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  1. Aw, my kind of thinspo! I love flowers and boy shorts and such. Thanks for that darling. I don't think you did awful with your intake, but i do know its hard when you can't go to the gym. Sending you skinnies hun, have a great day!