Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Part Two

Sorry I didn't post like I said last night. Aaron stayed the night after a wonderful Valentine's Day so I didn't want to risk him catching me. He's already knows I have a blog and has been bugging me about wanting to read it. I'm scared of what he'll think if he knows, but we both have problems. He actually shares his with me, and meanwhile I'm hiding on the internet (if I can even do such a thing).

Last night I managed to hold off on just the gogurt and yogurt/granola until dinner. Since we're average college kids Aaron and I don't have a ton of disposable money, so we settled for dining at my dorm's cafe. I ended up getting a very large burrito (didn't finish it all of course), so yesterday was probably somewhere around 700 calories total. Not too shabby considering this past weekend.

Around 5 I'll be heading back to the gym in what seems like forever. I haven't been since last Thursday. I think I'll aim for a lighter cardio workout today. Somewhere around 30 minutes or so.

To Olivia Lee, thank you for all the supportive comments lately. I feel like I've been in kind of a slump and it's nice to be able to really talk about it and get feedback.

I'll be back again later, hopefully with thinspo, or even some reverse. I never really liked stereotypical reverse thinspo (with the really big girls) because I know there's no way in hell I'll ever look like that. I wouldn't let myself. Instead I've started a folder with what Zette would call average girls. Well, they're more like average to chubby girls, but it's what I find most motivating besides the usual (real girl) thinspo.

See you back here soon. =)

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