Thursday, February 17, 2011

Piece of crap drier ruined part of my night

So 3 new followers! That brings it up to 14. Thanks lovely ladies for joining. I've been having a somewhat disappointing evening and logging in today made it much better. =)

Most of today was taken up by class, homework, or cleaning. Class was ok as usual, homework was lighter than usual, and laundry was unusually frustrating. First off I did two loads: one for regular every day clothing and one for workout clothing. One washed and dried fine, the other came out damp, so I had to put more money on my card to dry it again. I put a dollar on it and the machine ate it up. It took my dollar and didn't start the dry cycle. So I added more money and waited 20 minutes for it to dry. The whole thing took an extra hour than it should have. Stupid, shoddy university utilities...

But besides that it's been an alright day. In retrospect I didn't have much to eat - only three items altogether...but the calories are probably high. Breakfast was a Belgian waffle with walnuts, butter and syrup (440 cal), and dinner was a soft pretzel (400 cal) and 3/4 of an Italian sausage (170 cal) (what can I say, the dining hall actually did alright for once). That adds up to 1010 calories. I could be exaggerating a little though. I don't feel like I ate over 1000 calories I'll definitely do better tomorrow. Probably fruit on the go for breakfast and soup for lunch. I'll keep you all posted on that one.

I'm forgoing thinspo tonight because I need to go out and find some more. Haha wish me luck.

Well I'm off to go read blogs. Goodnight beautifuls. =)


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  1. I bet you did just fine dear. I'm feeling the fruit and soup today too, it's absolutely freezing here as well.