Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Weigh-In

So I was dreading the inevitable weigh-in I knew I would have to face after I went to the gym today. After this weekend I thought the damage might be 2 or 3 pounds, enough to undo an entire week's worth of restrictive work. So I got on the scale and saw...-1.5 lbs!!! You don't even know how excited I was. I was shaking all the way home because I was so relieved. I'm just a hair away from my next goal: 134 lbs. I was so glad to know that my pants actually did feel looser and my belt was easier to notch - it wasn't all in my head. Despite losing weight I still have this fear that I'll have to wiggle and jump to get into my jeans and the digging my bra creates will be visible underneath my shirt. I can't wait until I'm thin enough to feel good in shorts and a bikini.

My intake was much lower today than days' past. For breakfast I had 2 small kiwi's (45 cal) and 2 cups of green tea. My snack today was two bite-sized tootsie rolls, half of a granola bar and a valentine's lollipop (160 cal). For dinner I had 1.5 oz of lamb (80 cal) and a small chicken breast, cheese, and pesto sandwich (350ish calories). With -410 calories from my cardio workout my total today is 225 calories. Coupled with the fact that all my classes were over at noon I had a very good day.

And now some thinspo:

 Such a perfect body:

Bikini-themed to get us all pumped for summer weather. I know some parts of the country are heaped with snow, but other than the occasional cold-spell we're getting warmer and warmer weather here in Cali. Well, I should go start my homework...there goes my night.

Thinking thin,

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  1. OOh, bikinis. I have to start looking for one. Your weigh-in was fab, and your intake for the day was too! Congrats for staying on track dude, sending you so many skinnies!