Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Birthday Sushi, Essays, Wednesday, Blah...

So today was a very average day. I woke up, went to class at 8 am, got some grub, went to class again, hit the gym, and have been procrastinating on my essay...still. I do have some brainstorming notes and a thesis, and it is only a 3-4 page paper, I'm just convinced it's going to be so easy I'll be able to pop out A+ work two hours before section. Ha! I have until 1 am to get the rough draft over and will be working another 3 hours tomorrow to polish it. Not too hard if you ask me.

I'm really going to have to be watching what I eat for the next two days because my friend's birthday is this Friday and we're going out to sushi that night. I love sushi, so you can all bet I'll be eating a ton of it, so no food for me that day (until dinner/party time of course). For practice today I tried keeping total calories under what they were yesterday (including workout). This is what I got:

Breakfast was just ok. I had 1/2 of a bagel with a smidgen of butter (100 cal), 10 grapes (35 cal), and 3/4 serving of cocoa puffs with 2 oz. of milk (100 cal) for a breakfast total of 235 calories. I tried not to eat lunch but I was in a rather happy mood so I ate sparsely. I didn't finish my small salad with Cesar dressing, so that came to 50 calories or so. Besides that I had a few bites of this chicken and rice soup because I really wanted the meat (45 cal). So lunch was 95 calories. Then I was being bad after my workout (-510 calories) and had a granola bar (100 cal) and a 100 calorie pack of Cheetos for 200 calories' worth of snack food. So all in all I had a 530 intake of food for a grand total of 20 calories with exercise. Funny, I should be happier. I did lose half a pound (once I reach my next goal weight I'll be sure to start posting regular weigh ins), but I feel like I ate more than that. Hm...strange.

Well, that essay ain't gonna write itself, so here's a little thinspo to keep you company:

Can anyone guess the theme tonight? If you guessed white then bravo!

Well I'm off to homework land. Have a lovely evening all you lovelies. =)


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