Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Ugh headache. I don't even know what it's from. I got at least 7 hours of sleep last night. I think maybe it got worse after I hit the gym. Speaking of...I finally had some time and motivation to go. =)
And more happy news, when I got on the scale after my workout I found that I had dropped 4 lbs. Good day for me, except now I'm faced with a 4 page essay due on Thursday that I don't particularly want to write...

For now I'm distracting myself with writing to all of you (plus two new followers!). Now let's see what all I had to eat today:
I again had no time to eat breakfast so I skipped it and was starving after class. I ended up having a turkey corn dog with some mustard and ketchup. I've been craving one for weeks now, but I should have looked at the calories before putting it on my plate (330 + condiments = 350 cal). Along with 3 or 4 bites of poppy seed cake my lunch total was around 400 cal. A few hours later I went to the gym and did 480 cal worth of cardio plus 50 cal of ab/butt/arm calisthenics for a total of -530 cal. Aaron coerced me into joining him for dinner. I tried to keep it really light tonight with 1 piece of turkey (100 cal), 2 bites of sweet potato (50 cal), a few bites of vegi pad thai and white rice (65 cal), and a small dessert of apple crisp and chocolate pudding (100 cal) equaling 315 cal. So my total intake was 715 calories.

But with today's workout deficit it is reduced to 185. What a nice number. =)

To conclude this happy train let's see some thinspo shall we?

 I want my legs to one day look this good in leg warmers:

That's right, it's tank top day! And I'm off to write an essay. Goodnight!


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