Saturday, February 19, 2011

GOAL #2 REACHED!!!!!! *cue happy dance*

I think the title explains how my day went. Despite breaking the promise I made to myself last night for the movie (I ate something like 250 cal worth of popcorn) I was 134 lbs. after my workout! I was so ready to see a gain, actually I really didn't know where I'd be so I was pretty damn stoked.

The Room last night was amazing. For those of you who don't know it's this terrible movie (constant subplots that go nowhere, horrible green screen effects, numerous establishing shots for one scene, crazy acting, I could go on and on and on) made in 2003 that has since garnered a cult following similar to Rocky Horror. People yell back to the screen (with hilarious insults I might add), throw plastic spoons and footballs (referencing elements of the movie) and quote the dialogue. It was probably one of the funniest movie experiences I've ever had. If any of you have it playing at your theater any time soon, go see it. You'll have no idea what you're in for.

Today, however was fairly quiet. Aaron's roommates are gone for the 3-day weekend so I've been staying over at his dorm. All the dining halls close early this weekend so food won't be terrible (and I'll be eating early dinners). Today before my workout I had a light lunch with one kiwi (40 cal), a few spoonfuls of tomato soup (50 cal), a few bites of Aaron's pancake (30 cal) and a medium salad with tomato, radish, carrot, sunflower seeds, baby corn, and 2 tbsp of ranch (180 cal) for a total of 300 calories. Dinner was terrible considering the condensed dining options. I ended up with two chicken tender things (200 cal), 3/4 of a burrito (probably another 200), 1 1/2 servings of generic lucky charms (110 cal) with 2 oz reduced fat milk (30 oz), and 1 1/2 fudge brownies (150ish) for a total of 690 calories. With my workout (-705 cardio, stretching, and ab/glute/arm workout) it comes to a grand total of 285 calories.

And to celebrate I wanted to share some thinspo that has really been inspiring me lately:

 I've never been keen on celeb thinspo, but I love this photo of
Monica Bellucci (especially her belly button for some reason).

 Being thin + tan = looking great in white shorts.

I love it that thin girls still look thin under massive sweaters.

 I really want to get a chunky sweater once I reach my ultimate goal weight.

Not quite thinspo, but her face screams beautiful, perfect, and thin.

 Legwarmers! Also something I want once I reach my UGW.

Well that's it for now ladies. I hope your day has been as good as mine. If not I'm sending you all feel good vibes for tomorrow!

♥ Toni

P.S. - As promised I will now be posting my weigh-in stats every time I go to the gym. Stay tuned! =)


  1. Congrats on reaching your goal#2 !

    Lovely thinspo(i also want a massive sweater:))

    Stay strong!

  2. Thats why I want a giant sweater! So when my thighs don't touch anymore, I can prance around in it. yum. Sending you skinnies darling.

  3. congratsss! It's so great to reach a goal. today was my goal to be 128 and i was 127!!!! Im soo excited, and i'm excited for you too. yay to motivation for the next goal weight!

  4. congrats on reaching goal #2 :)

    I will have to save the white shorts thinspo, because it's so true thin+tan= looking great in white shorts!

    ~ H