Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hayden and Frieda

Hello lovelies! So much like the rest of the weekend, today wasn't overtly interesting. I finally had to pack all my things from Aaron's dorm and go back to my own as I had a film crew shoot today at 5. It wasn't anything flashy, just the director and cinematographer plotting shots and such. Afterwards I watched the Amanda Knox LMN movie. It stars Hayden Panettiere. I loooove her because she's only an inch taller than me at 5'1." She's got a pretty petite frame, probably around 115 lbs, although it seems that she has a lot more muscle than fat. Not exactly where I want to be since I've never really liked athletic builds on super short girls (especially on myself), but she's still a lot smaller than I am (a size 4!).

Athletic Hayden:

Intake wasn't too bad today. I really only had one full meal today (which I had with Aaron and a few of his friends). I had a serving of frosted flakes with 2 oz of reduced fat milk (140 cal), a small banana nut muffin with a tiny amount of butter (180 cal), and 8 oz of chocolate milk with reduced fat milk (140 cal) for a breakfast total of 480 calories. For a snack I had a 140 cal trail mix bar, and after I got home from the film shoot I had a whole can of chicken broth. The entire thing was only 20 calories! Then for desert I had a 40 cal lollipop and a piece of chocolate (35 cal). Total for the day: 695 calories. I thought I would have had less, but it's not terrible for not going to the gym, plus I weighed myself before taking a shower this afternoon (so after I already ingested the almost 500 calorie breakfast) and it came up to be 131 lbs. I'm not counting it as a weigh in because this scale is really only an estimate with an error of 1-2 lbs of where I'm really at, but I was happy to see that number. We'll just have to see if tomorrow's gym time will actually get me to 131. Crossing my fingers!

In other news I'm now currently obsessed with Frieda Rose. I've been noticing for a while that I've had a few pictures of the same girl in my thinspo folder, and I just recently learned who she is. Apparently she's an Australian model who has literally hundreds of pictures of herself on the internet, so I got a ton of new thinspo for myself and all of you (her ModelMayhem profile says she's 5'9" and 95 lbs!). I hope you enjoy Frieda Rose day. =)

She's got such small arms, even when
they're pressed up against her side:

 I absolutely adore this photo:

So the first three were the originals in my folder, and the rest are ones I got after searching google and blogs and websites. Frieda Rose (to me) totally emanates being pretty, stylish, and thin. She seems happy in all of her pictures and is one of the most naturally beautiful girls I've ever seen and she needs almost no makeup to flaunt that gorgeous face. Ah, I'm rambling. I'll just say that she will probably be appearing in a lot of my thinspo in the future. =)

Well I'm off to bed, goodnight girlies.
 ♥ Toni

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  1. Good god, she is tiny! That's awesome, because even though you told us she's a model, the pictures make her look like one of us, a real person. The intake looks good, I try to keep under 800 a day, and you totally did that! I want that banana nut muffin...yum. Sending you skinnies darling!