Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello beautifuls. I'm sorry I haven't posted, I was too busy eating and being ashamed this weekend. I didn't go to the gym once. It started with friday when I said I wasn't going to eat until yummy sushi dinner. Well...I had a piece of toast with butter and a small apple to tie me over (160 cal), but then a few of my friend and I got a little high. BAD IDEA when hungry, at least for me. I learned to never again smoke weed while trying to restrict my calories. I ended up eating at least 400 calories' worth of chocolate and sweets, and then on top of that the sushi for dinner. Thankfully I only had one roll which I'd say was 550 calories, bringing friday's total to 1,110 calories.

I don't think Saturday was too much better. Aaron slept over and in the morning I ended up having a big fit about how I didn't want to go out anywhere because I felt so fat. We did end up going to the boardwalk with some friends but I had such a melt down. Breakfast after that was terrible. I had a small serving of nachos (with guac, sour cream, cheese, chicken, etc., 200 cal), a serving of frosted flakes (175 cal), and 2 servings of chocolate pudding (250). For dinner that night I had a dining hall-made crunch wrap. Healthier than a Taco Bell crunch wrap but I'd still say they're about the same calorie-wise: 500. This brings saturday's total to 1125 calories.

Yesterday was only slightly better. Breakfast was two slices of cheese pizza (300 cal), a whole bagel with one half cream cheese and the other butter (210 cal), and a danish (200). Dinner was a Taco Bell beefy crunch burrito (510 cal). 1220 calories.

Total for the weekend: 3455 calories

Sorry for the long post. I was avoiding having to write it all down, but of course it had to be. So far today I've had one gogurt and a small plate of yogurt and flax seed granola. Last night I bought some chicken, beef, and vegi broths, granola bars, and the gogurts to try to manage the pounds I'm sure I've put on. I'll post again later tonight to hopefully try and redeem myself for the horror that was this weekend and maybe write about something other than what I've eaten.


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  1. We don't judge love, sometimes it helps to write it out so you get more motivated! Also, the extra will kick up your metabolism a bit. Don't worry, you will feel less gross soon! Sending you skinnies darling.