Monday, May 23, 2011

Back to the drawing board...

So yeah, of course I gained weight over the weekend. I'm so ashamed of all I ate. How bad was it? Popcorn, candy, pizza, hotdogs, nachos, cereal, the list goes on.123.5 lbs today after dance and an hour at the gym. Fuck. That's a gain of almost 3 lbs! Tomorrow I'm waking up at 8am to get in a nice, long workout to burn off this FAT.

Food today was ok. I feel like I ate a lot more than I did. For breakfast I had half of a bagel, with half of it spread with butter and the other cream cheese (150 cal) and a fruit salad/yogurt combo. 3 oz of peach yogurt (80 cal), 10 grapes (35 cal), 20 blueberries (15 cal), 1/4 green apple (20 cal), 1/2 banana (40 cal), 1 slice of pineapple (15 cal), and one slice of cantaloupe (15 cal). So breakfast totaled 370. I didn't eat for another 8 hours until dinner. I had a small roasted potato (55 cal), 1/2 cup macaroni noodles with 3 tbsp red sauce (125 cal), a small salad with 2 cups of lettuce (15 cal), 1.25 tbsp ranch (90 cal), 1/2 tbsp bacon bits (15 cal), and cherry tomatoes and cucumber (20 cal). I overindulged with dessert. I had a peanut butter cookie (70 cal), a small piece of lemon poppyseed cake (80 cal), and 5 cubes of jello (20 cal). All of this food adds up to 860 calories. Not as good as I wanted to do today, but I burned off 1,050 calories with dance and the gym, so my net intake is -190 calories. A negative day. Good. I'd still like to keep my actual intakes to less than 600, and ideally less than 500. And I'd really like my net intakes to be at -200 for the next two weeks. That should get me to somewhere around 118 lbs by my birthday...and dance tryouts.


  1. Great job on the negative intake! You'll get to your goal weight in no time!

  2. You burned over 1,000 cals at the gym? Holy crap that's amazing! Don't stress too much over the weekend eating- heck, it happens to the best of us! Weekends seems to bring out the worst in eating and calories. You'll back on track in no time! ♥