Monday, May 23, 2011

Back from the dead

Wow. I haven't posted since Thursday. Sorry if I haven't been commenting as frequently as I used to, but I've been reading everyone's posts. Like I said, this weekend was filled with stuff to do. Even with all of my planning I still stayed up until 2 :30 am last night writing an essay that was due at 8 am this morning.

Up to 48 followers! Surprising, since I didn't update all weekend, but thank you just the same. =)

Alright, so Saturday and Sunday were the big cheer tryouts. I didn't make the team. That's not really a huge issue for me at this point since I'd rather be dancing anyway, but I have great news. On Saturday we learned all the cheers and the dance and did some stunting. I have zero experience in cheerleading, much less in stunting. There are basically only two positions you can be: base or flyer. Guess which one I was told to be? Flyer! It was a big deal for me because I know only small girls do flying. I know I'm short and that had something to do with it but of course if you're 5'2" and 155 lbs you're pretty much going to lose over someone 30 lbs less than you. It just made me feel really good, like I'm actually getting somewhere with this weight loss.

So yeah, like I said I didn't make the cheer team, but that's ok. This weekend the dance team is performing their spring show and the weekend after they're holding tryouts for next year's team. If I don't make the cut I'll be extremely disappointed, but there's always tryouts again in the fall. Yay desperation! Haha but I did buy some split sole canvas ballet slippers. I used to own some but I lent them to a friend who now goes to CSU Longbeach. Needless to say I'm not getting them back. The replacements were only $20, and I'm enrolled in Jazz II for fall quarter so they'll come in handy.

I'm also officially declared a film pre-major, something I'm super excited about because it gives me higher priority for enrollment in film classes than non majors.

So maybe you guessed it but I'm kind of tip toeing around food. This weekend was pretty much a disaster. I ate a LOT. I'm hoping the weight gain isn't too bad. If it's not terrible (121-122) I'm aiming to be less that 118 by dance tryouts/my birthday (it's in 2 weeks! WTF?!) and if I'm anything over 123 my goal will be to get to at least 118. Just to be safe I'm keeping my food intake extra low and will be hitting the gym for a good hour to make up for it, although I'm suuuuuuuuuper sore from this weekend.

Ok, will update later. Promise.


  1. That stinks you didn't make cheer tryouts. But its awesome that they chose you as a flyer! That's great, it means you look really small :)

  2. your progress is doing great i know youll make it to 118! i always wanted to be a flyer too but I wasnt exactly cheerleader type in highschool.

    ps derby girl refers to roller derby, i basically just really want to be julliette lewis from the movie whip it haha