Friday, May 6, 2011

Update on last night:

So...yeah, I know I forgot to update. And the update itself isn't very pretty.

After dance class I weighed in at 124.75. Up 1.25 lbs. Sigh...
And then as I was on the bus Aaron called. He ended up getting at another stop and convinced me to go eat with him at a dining hall, so I did, and had Special K, a piece of pizza, a brownie, and 3 cookies. It's not much, and I know my total is less than 1000, but I felt pretty shitty afterwards.

I think for the next two weeks I'm going to give the 10 Day Diet a little break. I think I'll just stick to having a net total of 500 or below and I'll be happy. And I think my goal for cheer tryouts is going to change to 120 lbs instead of 118, but 115 is still ideal for dance tryouts. I've just been so overwhelmed lately and I need a break from putting my body through so much stress.

I think my weigh in today will be satisfactory. It'd be awesome to be back down to 123.5, but a solid 124 will please me. I'm not going to eat until after my midterm (that whole "you perform better on tests after you've eaten" just never really applied to me) and burn maybe 400-500 calories and then weigh in. I think that'll get me down to something I like.

Ok, I'm off to read everyone's posts before I go get some sun and then head off to my midterm. Thank you for all the support on that! I think it should be fairly easy, just 100 multiple choice questions, but you never know!

Motivation to keep me going:
I love it when you can tell a girl is still thin under a baggy t-shirt.

I'll catch up with you guys after my workout!

♥ Toni

Update #1
I saw it: 123.5! It was a nice little surprise to behold. And I was planning on getting a smoothie after my workout (burned 525 calories in 45 minutes!), especially after seeing that number, but a bunch of us are going out to an Italian restaurant for a friend's birthday, so I'll try to keep it under 800. Maybe I'll split a dish with someone. Too much pasta fills me up like nothing else, except maybe pancakes. =/

Ok, update #2 will come after dinner. Wish me luck!


  1. OMG! 525 calories in 45 minutes! That's amazing! What workout were ypu doing? I also want to try it (^o^)

    Good luck with the dinner!

  2. That's okay that you're up a bit! You burned like 89345 calories so you'll be okay!!! GOOD LUCK ON MIDTERMS multiple choice are the easiest, so you'll do okay! <3