Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So I'm totally waiting on Aaron to give me his headphones to do my homework right now...and I'm bored...so I thought I'd put a post up.

First of all he does not need those headphones to do his chem homework. We're in the library  and I forgot mine in my room, so you think he'd be nice and give them to me. Nope. All he's doing is listening to freaking dub-step. I, however, need them to watch My Cousin Vinny for my film music essay. Ugh I wish he would be a bit more considerate some of the time most of the time.

So the fast is going well, I guess. I'm eyeing this guy's chocolate muffin right about now. Splendid. At least I only have 6 more hours to go. How long did I say this fast was? 28 hours? Well let's hope I can hit 123 today. If not I'm going to rage super hard.

Ok got the headphones. I'll post later, probably really late. Sorry. =(

Good news - I'm down to 124.75 lbs.
Bad news - that means I only lost 1/2 a pound!
I guess I can't blame my body. I ended up eating at 6. Not the 28 hour fast I thought I'd have, but 24 hours is good enough. And I only had 4 oz of chicken & wild rice soup (100 cal), a small corner piece of focaccia (50 cal), and a super small piece of poppy seed cake (75 cal). And then I came home and had a mini pig out. 1 redvine and 1 peep (55 cal) and sour cream &onion chips (190 cal). Total for the day: 470 calories. Burned off 350 in jazz so net intake: 120 calories. At least I got all 80 points today for the 10 Day Diet. Hopefully if I can lose .5 lbs today, I can do the same tomorrow. Aiming for 124.0 lbs. And thanks for all the comments on my gap! I know it's tiny, but I'll post pics every 5 lbs maybe? to show the progress.

Yes, yes, yes, tanned and toned, just what I want to be. =)

Wishing a lovely evening for my lovely ladies,
♥ Toni


  1. Even if it's only 1/2 pound, you're still losing weight!

  2. Don't you hate it when you're strying to fast or do some good restricting and folks next to you have tings like muffins, sandwiches, and chic-fil-a?? Ugh... :/ Even though you didn't make it the entire 28 hours, you're right, 24 is a still great! Every bit of progress that is made is a great thing.

  3. Thats awesome! Congrats on the loss, keep up the good work :)

  4. good job, chica! youre doing fantastic. thanks for commenting. <3

  5. a half a pound is still incredible!
    Good job on the 24 hour fast, they can be pretty tough, and I get so grouchy when I'm on mine as well. It sucks. <3