Monday, May 2, 2011

The Meaning of Life

Yes, the number of followers has reached that point. 42: the meaning of life.

My weekend was so-so. We'll see exactly how bad it was when in weigh in today.

Saturday was relatively ok. I had a turkey sandwich that I made in the dining hall. Bread (120 cal), 3 oz turkey (90 cal), 3 slices cheddar cheese (115 cal), and pickles, mustard, and lettuce (10 cal). I also had an orange (60 cal), some frozen yogurt (50cal), and a small piece of a blondie (45 cal) for a total of 490 calories. Then I burned 565 calories off with some jogging and the elliptical. I drank 2 L of water and got 8 hours of sleep, so another 80 point day for the 10 Day Diet.

Yesterday was kind of a blip. I had Easter candy and chips and was going to leave it at that because it was under 500 calories, but I ended up eating dinner which was a slice of pizza, some vegan chili, granola squares, and 1 piece of french toast. It's likely under 1000 calories total but I felt super terrible about it after, so I'm fasting today until I weigh in. Plus I didn't get any exercise yesterday, so my point count is only 50. =/

Today so far I've only had a cup of coffee with 3/4 tbsp of creamer (25 cal) and water, and I'm hoping I'll pee most of that out by 5. If I've gained anything more than 1 lb than I'll just fast until tomorrow's dance class. =)

So less than 3 weeks until cheer tryouts and about a month until dance tryouts. I need to be 118 in 19 days. We'll see how feasible that is once I've weighed in. If nothing else I want to be 118 by dance tryouts, which gives me an extra two weeks, so maybe 115. I'm going to have to work hard, but I think I can give it a go.

Ok, I'll post what I see on the scale later tonight and have more thinspiration for you lovely ladies soon.

♥ Toni

125.25. Only .75 lbs up from Friday. I can deal with that. It wasn't a full lb, so I allowed myself to eat dinner, but tomorrow I'm planning on going the whole day without food. At least until after dance class. So by the time I get home it'll be about 10 pm. That's...28 hours of fasting I believe. I just want to see a new number. I want 123. 122. 121...all the way down to 118.

Upside: I'm getting tanner. =)

Another upside: Remember the post on Thursday about jazz class and how I died afterwards because my teacher asked me to do the dance so many times? Today she told me I was the absolute best one in that routine.

This was me today:

And I really needed it at the time, too. It's that time of year again: the dance/drill team I was on in high school just got done with their week of tryouts and today they announced who made leadership. I was getting my nostalgia on like you wouldn't believe, but I was also really jealous because all that time I put into that team bubbled back up and the memory of never getting on leadership crept into my brain. Captain, co-captain, Senior Lieutenant, Junior Lieutenant. I was never any of it. But the past has passed. All I hope for now is to make the cheer or dance team. I'll worry about leadership only after I've crossed that bridge.

Ok food time. I've only had dinner, and tonight was Meatless Monday in my dining hall, so I had some vegetarian nachos (205 cal), veggie lasagna (95 cal), 6 oz. of Pepsi (75 cal), and 3 oz of apple crisp (135 cal), plus that coffee this morning (25 cal) equals 535 calories. Not ideal, but my all-day fast tomorrow should take care of it. Plus I burned 300 calories at dance today so my net total is 235 calories. I skipped the gym. I just really wasn't feeling up to it.

Ariana: It's ok! I totally fell off the 10 Day Diet my first go around. I'm planning on pretty much just making this a 30 Day Diet, so just jump back on after the first 10 days are up and we'll be on track together. =)

Speaking of the 10 Day Diet. My point total today is 70. 10 for food, 20 for everything else.

Waiting for the days when I 
can look this good in gym clothes.


  1. Good luck with your liquid fasting! I wish fasting were much easier, you know? Hey, don't let the weekend eating get you down too much- weekends usually come with more food and higher calories :/. You can definitely reach your weight goal in less than 3 weeks! I hope you do really, really well with both tryouts!

    My apologies about doing the 10 Day Challenge with you! About day 5 I fell of the bandwagon and went a separate road- I was confused and frustrated at myself. I forgot that I told you I was going to do it with you! Hey, if you ever want to do the Challenge again, let me know- I'll definitely be a better "diet buddy" next time around!

  2. Aww I'm sorry to hear about the binge, but you can restrict for the weigh-in if you try hard!! <3

  3. Good luck with your fast!
    I'm sure you'll be 115 by the time of dance tryouts :)