Sunday, May 15, 2011

Maybe I'll at least hit Weight Goal #5.

I'm sorry for not commenting much the past few days...and I'm sorry I haven't been sticking to my eating goals.

First it was 118 lbs by this Saturday.

Then it changed to 120.

Now I'm moving it up to 121.

This is because yesterday I did spectacular, and then not so spectacular. I finished the day with only 245 calories, and had burned off 675 at the gym, so a net total of -430. I didn't weigh myself though. I wanted Friday's disaster to wear off a little. Then I went to go see Raiders of the Lost Ark with Aaron and my friends at the local movie theater (they do midnight movies every weekend with classics films). I had a hot chocolate, some popcorn, and Reese's Pieces. Even though I know it wasn't much, I must have eaten at least 450 more calories, bringing my total to 695 calories and my net total to 20 calories. Yes, I know that's actually really good but I really wanted to stick to my planned intake for the week. So I've compromised. I'll try to stick to losing only 2 lbs by Saturday - at least I'll be at my next weight goal. =)

Today I didn't fare so well. Throughout the day I've been feeling more and more sick. Sneezing, fatigue (despite 8 hours of sleep), soreness. The whole 9 yards. And I had the runs. Sorry, that was probably TMA. How did I cope? I ate and didn't exercise. I had a turkey sandwich (375 cal), a slice of pepperoni pizza (150 cal), a milkshake (at least 450 cal), french fries (didn't keep track), and some cookies (something like 200 cal). So well over 1,200 calories. Not a binge, not restriction. I feel awful just the same though. My only solace is that my RMR will probably balance it out and I'll be neutral when it comes to weight gain. Tomorrow I'll at least be getting exercise.

New plan: eat a maximum of 550 calories and burn at least 700 calories a day. Actually, all I need is a net total of -150. With a resting metabolic rate of 1,250 I should, mathematically, be at 121 lbs by Saturday.

Mini celebration I've been forgetting to mention: at 123 lbs I've officially lost 25 lbs since my highest goal weight last Thanksgiving.

Will I ever be that thin, hot college chick?

♥ Toni
P.S.- Could be my imagination, but I think my gap is ever so slightly bigger. Progress. :D


  1. CONGRATS! Wow, 25 pounds. That's more than a fifth of what you weigh right now! Good job! Keep it up! Good luck on the -150 thing

  2. 25 pounds is AMAZING!!
    You're doing great so don't beat yourself up. You've come so far and you seem to overall eat well.

    -150 at the end of the day, wow I could never do that.

  3. 25 pounds! Wow, that's amazing! >▽<

    You'll surely lose 2 lbs or maybe even more with a net of -150. Good luck!