Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finally I get some time to myself.

So at this very moment, right now, is probably the last time for another, oh, 70 or so hours that I'll have time to breathe. But before I go into that I want to respond to some comments.

Ariana - Yeah I know what you mean about the digital scales. I also heard not to use them on carpet? I just don't trust them, so I use scales with a needle or sliding scales. Like those ancient ones where you stand on it and move the little weights yourself.

Olivia - Oh man really? I know all the transfers who live on campus are put into Porter, but if you're thinking about somewhere off campus there are some awesome houses at the base of the university near the entrance. I don't know much else about off campus housing though. As for being in town, I know some friends of mine who are always down for partying. We'll need some stress relief from finals. haha

Thin_Envy - Can I tell you a secret? I have no idea how I'm motivation for you because for the past few months I've been trying so hard to catch up with you weight-wise. I know my UGW right now is 112, but I can't imagine how 110 would look on me. I've never been that small, so if you're ever having a "fat day" come to me and I'll tell you how silly and thin you are! Because you're one of the girls who keeps me most motivated!

Ok, so this weekend. Here's the sitch:

7 am: wake up to go to the gym
9:30-10:40 am: go to section
11 am: fill out paperwork to declare film pre-major
11:30 am-2 pm: get in a sun soaking session and start reading Beloved, then shower
2-3:10 pm: class
3:10-7:30 pm: go get tickets for Pirates 4, go to CVS for misc girly things, do laundry, read more Beloved
7:30: leave for Pirates 4 for friend's b-day
10:05: watch Pirates 4
approx midnight: go to sleep

8 am: wake up to get ready for cheer tryouts
9:15 am: head to dance studio to get to cheer tryouts early
10 am-2 pm: tryouts
2-7pm: HOMEWORK (reading, programming, essay, etc), possibly eat somewhere in there
7-8 pm: get dressed for club (alien themed)
8 pm: head to club for other friend's b-day
9-11:30 pm: clubbin!
approx 11:30: head out early to get sleep for tryouts on Sunday
approx midnight: go to sleep

8 am: wake up for cheer tryouts
9:15 am: head to tryouts
10 am-2 pm: tryouts
2pm on: FREEDOM!!! (and probably homework)

So basically I'm dead. By Sunday afternoon I'll be running on empty.

Yesterday I totaled in at 620 calories. I won't bore you with the food. I burned 650 calories that day so my net total was -30 calories. Not terrible, especially since I weighed in at 120.5.
Today was soooooo much better. I had one actual meal and one snack-like meal later in the day. Earlier I ate 1/2 penne pasta with meat sauce and parmesan (155 cal), 4 thick cut french fries (40 cal), and 4 oz of chicken ortega soup (150 cal). Later I just had some frozen yogurt (75 cal), and veggies with ranch (100 cal). So my total comes to 495 calories, and I burned off 700 through dance and the gym so my net intake today was -205 calories. The downside: I weighed in at 121.5 lbs, which of course only pushed me harder to burn more calories on the elliptical. I did weigh myself at 9 pm, so I'm sure my weigh in tomorrow morning will be much more accurate.

I know this post is already looooooooooooong, but I want to talk quickly about my birthday. It's coming up in early June and I know what I want to do. Have I talked about this? Well if I have I'm mentioning it again.The local theater plays previously released (usually cult or classic) movies every weekend at midnight. The movie they're playing 2 days before my birthday? Mean Girls!!! Only one of my most favorite movies ever! My mom took me out of school early the day it premiered (I was in 6th grade) so we could see it together. I've seen it over 40 times and know all the dialogue! I'm so excited for this, it's really one of the best ways to celebrate my birthday. And there's this really cool burger place downtown that everyone but me has been to, so I want to go. Hopefully I'll be at least 118 lbs, so I may allow myself an indulgence. This burger place is known for their unique burgers. A patty in between two grilled cheese sandwiches anyone? How about one surrounded by two glazed doughnuts? One topped with macaroni and tomato? I'm really looking forward to this.

Hot damn, enough about me. I congratulate you if you've read this far. Your reward:

I guess I'm feeling a little leggy today.
♥ Toni


  1. oh, goodness. youre really cute. good luck with tryouts and everything. and that burger place sounds heavenly. haha. too bad i dont eat meat... haha. <3 stay lovely.

  2. I also love Mean Girls. But i haven't seen it 40 times yet, maybe just 30 >ω<

    Your weekend plan sounds really exhausting.
    Good luck with cheer tryouts!

  3. Wow! You're a busy girl! I love Mean Girls! I wanna see Mean Girls 2. You'll do great at Cheer Tryouts!